Italy, Veneto, Verona

Verona to Caldiero - 21.5 km - Wednesday 30th October 2013

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Urban roads. Nicer section two thirds along the route. Main road at the end.

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Diary - Top

Having failed to locate food the previous evening and after the wet weather, the planned riverside route was discarded in favour of one that might pass a supermarket. The previous evening, a 4km circular trek found banks, pharmacists, opticians but no staple food supplies. This morning was similar. After 4km, bread was located and finally 2km later, two small supermarkets close together. Stocked up with bread, butter, pate, gorgonzola and tomatoes, the walk proceded with more confidence.

Verona should have been nice with its Shakespearian connotations. In practice it's surrounded by horrible roads. The walled centre might be nicer but the walking route passed yet more banks, cafes, pharmacists and opticians. Clearly banking does make you go blind.

Mid way through the walk, the out-of-town shopping was located. That explains all the traffic. Anyone who wants to eat has to drive or get the bus to these centres.

Walking near the larger cities is rarely pleasant. Cadiz in Spain was an exception where there were useful pedestrian and cycle routes. Verona fails on most points. Many Italian roads have good cycle and pedestrian paths but not for the last two days. One cycle track lead into a flooded underpass and on the other side the track had gone.

There were a few quieter roads and a nice mud track to a cemetery and an attractive chapel for the burial services. This was the only nice path of the day. Sadly it was only 200 metres.

The predicted rain held off and there was 20 C hazy sunshine by mid day. The double decker train back to Verona was full of police. The ticket validating machines at Caldiero were not working so I was illegal. No one checked though.

With the minimarket crisis, if all else fails, it's possible to get kebabs and Mc'Donalds at Verona station. Italian food at its best!

Novo Hotel Rossi is located in a tiny island of calm surrounded by the maelstrom of roads and rail tracks but beware the school run twice a day.

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