Italy, Veneto, Verona

Peschiera to Verona - 25.1 km - Tuesday 29th October 2013

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Short quiet lane. Mostly horrible main road. It rained too with thunder.

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Diary - Top

The first four kilometres were pleasant on farm tracks and lanes. Then the radial roads to Verona began. There was no escape. All the alternatives led to another radial road. This was a long leg so the shortest way was needed. Over 20 km was on the main road which was busy. It was so busy that the traffic was mostly slow moving. This made it safer. Sadly, there were no pedestrian or cycle paths.

About half way, the rain began and it increased to full thunder storm. Fortunately there was little wind so it was easy to stay fairly dry under an umbrella. There was some vehicle spray but not too much due to the slow traffic speed. It became cool so the cagoule was deployed until the rain stopped and the sun returned for a while. Ten hours later, the storms were still raging and the rain was so heavy, the satellite TV signal was blocked. Sandals are OK in the rain. The feet get soaked straight away but they also dry rapidly. Shoes and boots also get wet but it takes longer. The do not dry at all easily though.

In the rain, it's hard to find resting places to it gets very tiring.

In the evening Neil failed to locate a supermarket in Verona. The rain returned with a vengeance too. The 25 km was nearer to 30 by the time this failed search was over. Fortunately there was packet soup, wholmeal bread and brie for supper. More bread and brie for breakfast.

The start of the Wednesday walk was re-planned to avoid the river, already very full the previous evening and to find a supermarket for picnic food for the walk.

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