Italy, Lombardia, Veneto

Brescia, Verona, Vicenza

Brescia to Vicenza. 143.1 km - October 2013

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26th October 2013 - Brescia to Rezzato
27th October 2013 - Rezzato to Desenzano
28th October 2013 - Desenzano to Peschiera
29th October 2013 - Peschiera to Verona
30th October 2013 - Verona to Caldiero
31st October 2013 - Caldiero to Montebello
1st November 2013 - Venice Day Trip
2nd November 2013 - Montebello to Vicenza
3rd November 2013 - Verona to Beccles


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In October, the weather in northern Italy includes misty, humid and mild episodes, with temperatures between 16 and 24C. The humidity has been as high as 90% which makes for uncomfortable sweaty walking. This warm humid period ended with ten hours of thunder storms and downpours. Sunny intervals, cooler conditions and more mists followed.

The trip planning was disrupted because my brother Ian was in and out of hospital with a gradually worsening condition. We had to arrange dog sitters at short notice which was a success. During the week, Ian's leg ballooned and became painful. The day after my return he was back in hospital and quickly transferred to the regional hospital because they have better resources. With hindsight it might have been better to cancel the trip although Ian was quite well when I departed.

Date / Distance

Transport and Route Summary

Sat 26th 
Oct 2013
11.8 km

Beccles to Verona - Brescia to Rezzato - A routine journey starting from Beccles just before midnight. Easyjet from Gatwick. It was the first flight out that day. Neil walked from the airport to Verona and got muddy wet feet in the first underpass near the airport. Arriving so early, it was possible to do the first leg of the walk, mostly on urban back roads with a small rural section.

Sun 27th
Oct 2013
21.3 km

Rezzato to Desenzano - Traffic free cycle paths, quiet roads and woodland trails. Very nice.

Mon 28th
Oct 2013
16.2 km

Desenzano to Peschiera - The first half lacked interest with views of expensive houses, security fences and aggressive dogs. The second half included lake-side paths. Much nicer.

Tue 29th
Oct 2013
25.1 km

Peschiera to Verona - Long, boring, dangerous main road walking. Then it thundered and rained. Not a great day!

Wed 30th
Oct 2013
21.5 km

Verona to Caldiero - The walk got nicer as the distance from the city centre increased. There were only a few hundred metres of really nice terrain. The previous evening and at the start of this walk, Neil walked 10km on likely roads before he found a shop selling food staples like bread. It's the plague of out-of-town shopping.

Thu 31st
Oct 2013
24.2 km

Caldiero to Montebello - A much nicer day with quiet tracks and roads and a hill section with good views to the south. There were lots of vineyards.

Fri 1st
Nov 2013
11.8 km

Venice Day Trip - Not part of the walk. This was a research day. The outcome - avoid Venice and go via Treviso further north. Venice is wonderful apart from the crowds. Some trains were standing-room only.

Sat 2nd
Nov 2013
23.5 km

Montebello to Vicenza - Another very nice walk on quiet roads at the start and then on hill paths. There were hunters. Deer were spotted. The approach to Vicenza was a 2 km riverside park and cycle route.

Sun 3rd
Nov 2013

Verona to Beccles - The 6 euro bus runs every 20 minutes from the railway station to the airport. As it was raining and very humid Neil took the bus instead of walking.

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