Lombardia (Pavia, Lodi, Cremona, Brescia), Emilia Romgana (Piacenza)

Broni to Brescia. 147.5 km - June 2012

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2nd June 2012 - Beccles to Milano
3rd June 2012 - Broni to Sarmato
4th June 2012 - Sarmato to Piacenza
5th June 2012 - Piacenza to Ponte DAdda
6th June 2012 - Ponte DAdda to Cremona
7th June 2012 - Cremona to Robecco Pontevico
8th June 2012 - Robecco Pontevico to Bagnolo Mella
9th June 2012 - Bagnolo Mella to Brescia
10th June 2012 - Milano to Beccles


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On day three, the walking on this trip became much nicer than the two weeks in April. There were more back roads and there was a canal tow path on one of the days. There were more cycle and footpaths too so the walking was often pleasant. The weather was hot and humid with occasional thunder storms. It was not so hot that walking became unpleasant but it was near the upper limit. The umbrella got used quite frequently but dried out quickly too.

The terrain looked flat but was actually sloping uphill towards the Italian Alps. This was quite invisible but the drainage and irrigation channels had fast flowing water. The water would be almost still in truly level land. This was confirmed by the altitude logs from the hand-held GPS receiver. Also the rivers had weirs and rapids making them rather attractive. There was a lot of water flowing and the crops looked green and well watered.

The rail service was excellent, unlike the information on the Trenitalia website where you can't even find a map of the rail routes and station names. They have forgotten that non-locals don't know what is totally obvious to people who have lived there all their life. If their webmaster published a good SVG format route map with stations and also PDFs of all the local station departures and arrivals, it would be traveling nirvana. All this information is already available and posted at stations and on trains. It just needs converting and putting on the website. It should be possible to automate parts of the task. Maybe that will be Neil's retirement job after teaching.

Date / Distance

Transport and Route Summary

Sat 02nd 
Jun 2012

Beccles to Milano (Bergamo)
A routine journey for once not needing a 2 am alarm call.

Sun 03rd 
Jun 2012
21.8 km

Broni to Sarmato
Main road with detours onto nicer lanes. There was one leg of traffic free cycle track.

Mon 04th 
Jun 2012
19.0 km

Sarmato to Piacenza
A slog along the main road in gray damp weather. There were no useful alternative routes.

Tue 05th 
Jun 2012
24.0 km

Piacenza to Ponte D'Adda
Traffic free routes and cycle paths. Few nasty roads. Nice weather too. Crossing and walking near the river Po was wonderful.

Wed 06th 
Jun 2012
21.4 km

Ponte D'Adda to Cremona
A long canal tow path / cycle track - Nice. Busy roads at the Cremona end of the walk. A hot day. Wild cherry harvest!

Thu 07th 
Jun 2012
20.2 km

Cremona to Robecco Pontevico
Mostly on little lanes with parallel fast flowing irrigation ditches. Nice sunny weather.

Fri 08th 
Jun 2012
25.3 km

Robecco Pontevico to Bagnolo Mella
Some really nice off-main-road legs, including a riverside walk through designated parkland.

Sat 09th 
Jun 2012
15.8 km

Bagnolo Mella to Brescia
100% on roads apart from 200 metres of farm track. All the busy roads had cycle tracks so it was quite a nice, mostly urban walk.

Sun 10th 
Jun 2012
20.9 km

Milano (Bergamo) to Beccles
A 3 a.m. alarm with walk to Milano Centrale bus station for the bus to Bergamo. A flight to Stansted, the bus to the car park and a car drive home by 2 p.m.

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