Italy, Lombardia, Brescia

Bagnolo Mella to Brescia - 15.8 km - Saturday 9th June 2012

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100% on roads apart from 200 metres of farm track. All the busy roads had cycle tracks so it was quite a nice, mostly urban walk.

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Diary - Top

The outward journey trains were on time. There was a 15 minute connection at Brescia, so it seemed a good idea to explore the station. It has a grand front entrance and a rear passage which is completely unmarked. You'd never spot it unless you hade come out there while killing time. Later this entrance made a useful short-cut.

The walk was on roads with weekend traffic. The worst of it was lessened greatly by cycle paths. There was one short leg on a farm track that was actually quite nice but so near a large centre like Brescia, you can't expect a rural idyll. A nice spot was located for a pause and a drink. It was on a couple of steps that led down to an allotment. There was a fast flowing little river beside the steps and some nice shade. It was a little garden of Eden, temptation included. There was a waterside plum tree and the nearly ripe plums were just asking to be tasted. The allotment looked as though there might be the odd broad bean to sample too. There were no fences or gates. Neil was good and just drank his water.

Later another shady seat provided the ideal spot for first lunch. Cheese sandwiches were assembled and a couple of passers by said "Bon apetito" which was nice.

The altitude plot was interesting. The land looks as flat as Lincolnshire or Holland but the walk climbed 50 metres in about 12 km. The land is climbing towards the alpine foothills which start just north of Brescia.

Back at Brescia station the first available train was about to leave but Neil wanted second lunch and a cooling off period. The walk had been hot and humid. This also gave time for a celebratory ice cream to mark the successful end of the week's walk.

The next return train was 20 minutes late. There was an incident and various types of police in different uniforms were seen running east along platform two. Italy seems to have more types of police than most other countries. Later they returned more slowly without apparently having achieved anything unless the man with the suitcase had been arrested.

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