Italy, Lombardia, Cremona

Ponte D'Adda to Cremona - 21.4 km - Wednesday 6th June 2012

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A long canal tow path / cycle track - Nice. Busy roads at the Cremona end of the walk. A hot day. Cherries!

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Diary - Top

The 05:47 departed on time. Neil got out at Cogono and rushed to get the connection. In the nick of time, the train was located. Oddly there is a rail link only a couple of kilometres long that has escaped electrification so a rickety old diesel multiple unit did the run achieving a magnificent 80 km/h.

At Ponte d'Adda the walk was pleasant, soon leaving the busier roads and heading for the Canale Milano Cremona Po. The navigable waterway ended where Neil joined the route so it never reached Milano. Maybe there is a water supply canal underground. There was no visible evidence.

This leg was on a cycle path closed to all but authorised vehicles. There were more wild cherries and mulberries. These looked like oversized blackberries and they grew on a dark green droopy tree. They taste a bit like blackberries and would make a good jam or juice.

There was a fresh water cray fish stranded on the towpath. Maybe it crawled out in error or perhaps a predator caught it but dropped it. It was still alive but in a bad way. Later there was an impressive lock leading to the top pound. It looked as though it had hardly ever been used. Perhaps there are plans to extend the canal in the future.

The canal leg stopped at the steel works. The beauty of nature was replaced by interesting pipes, chimneys, noises, bulk rail wagon shunting and more lorries queuing than at a sizeable port. The ugly industry on one side was balanced by a lush river valley full of mature trees on the other.

At Cremona station there was just time to research the timetables and make up a quick cheese sandwich. The train to Milano was ten minutes late so there was a bit of welcome extra cooling off time. Back at base, six rolls for a euro. That's supper, breakfast and tomorrow's picnic sorted out.

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