Ligure (Imperia, Savona, Genova), Piedmont (Allesandria), Lombardia (Pavia)

Ventimiglia to Broni. 292.2 km - April 2012

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31st March 2012 - Beccles to Genova
1st April 2012 - Genova
2nd April 2012 - Ventimiglia to San Remo
3rd April 2012 - San Remo to Imperia Porto Maurizio
4th April 2012 - Imperia Porto Maurizio to Alassio
5th April 2012 - Alassio to Finale Ligure
6th April 2012 - Finale Liguria to Savona
7th April 2012 - Savona to Arenzano
8th April 2012 - Arenzano to Genova Via Balbi
9th April 2012 - Genova Sampierdarena to Pontedecimo
10th April 2012 - Genova Pontedecimo to Ronco Scrivia
11th April 2012 - Ronco Scrivia to Serravalle Scrivia
12th April 2012 - Serravalle Scrivia to Tortona
13th April 2012 - Tortona to Voghera
14th April 2012 - Voghera to Broni
15th April 2012 - Genova to Beccles


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Ventimiglia to Genova is a coastal stretch, mainly on busy roads with mountains inland making alternatives difficult. There are some bits of disused railway, converted into coastal paths. These were really nice to walk. There were a couple of mountain tracks too.

From Genova heading north, there was a narrow valley with the railway, the autostrada and a parallel main road. This should have had nice views but the weather was dreadful. There was fog, drizzle and finally sleet and snow. Umbrella ice build-up was not an expected problem! The main road walking was tedious but not much traffic crosses the pass so this was nicer. The terrain becomes much flatter south of Milan. There were few back roads heading in the right direction so there was a lot of main road walking with occasional reprieves.

The train services have been excellent apart from one day of walking lost due to a strike. Mostly waits for trains have been under 20 minutes. Oddly this became less good nearer Milan. The Trenitalia website is not too good. Getting good advance information was really difficult. There was an excellent journey planner but this only works if you know the names of the stations. On the last day, I found and photographed an incomplete route map showing the stations. This was posted in Broni and is probably years old. It's better than nothing. It really ought to be on the website.

The weather; my umbrella saw far more use than my sun hat. There were some nice days though but only one when the sun block was deployed.

Visiting a new country is always fun because of the language. I was in camera 626 on piano 6 reached in Schindler's lift. Many of the trains departed from Binari 11.

Date / Distance

Transport and Route Summary

Sat 31st
Apr 2012
1229 km
Beccles to London, Stansted to Genova.
Car, Bus, Air, Bus

Sun 01st 
Apr 2012
8.9 km

Genova - Local Walk
Walk. A mostly urban walk with a nice mountain park at its northern end. There is a funicolare up to this parkland or you can walk 3km and climb 1200 feet up roads, alleys and steps. This outing was not part of the walk across Europe.

Mon 02nd 
Apr 2012
20.3 km

Ventimiglia to San Remo.
Train both ways. A lot of main coast road walking with occasional parallel urban alternatives. Near Sanremo, the disused railway path began. This was much better to walk on. Nice weather.

Tue 03rd 
Apr 2012
23.5 km

San Remo to Imperia Porto Maurizio
One Train out. Two trains back with a change at Savona. With the exception of 2.5 km on the main road, this was really nice with a disused railway converted to cycle and pedestrian use. Impera was impressive. Nice weather.

Wed 04th 
Apr 2012
24.8 km

Imperia Porto Maurizio to Alassio
Train both ways. The walk started traffic free and got busier. Pavements for some stretches. It's hard to avoid the main coast road. A wet day with almost no breaks in the rain. The hotel is warm and dry and clothes dry really fast. It wasn't cold.

Thu 05th 
Apr 2012
27.9 km

Alassio to Finale Liguria
Train both ways. This walk included part of the Via Julia Augusta for 4 km. Nice! Then it was sea front, town centre and some main road walking, mostly with good pavements. Nice weather again.

Fri 06th 
Apr 2012
25.6 km

Finale Liguria to Savona
Train both ways. There was 4 km of very nice mountain walking. The rest was on the main road or sea fronts. The main road had good footpaths almost all the way. Nice weather. Very tired after the mountain stretch. Old and fat!

Sat 07th 
Apr 2012
24.9 km

Savona to Arenzano
Train both ways. This was a nice day with long sections of converted railway, including tunnels and good main road footpaths. Lots of Easter visitors. Sometimes it was easier to walk one street inland to avoid the crowds.

Sun 08th 
Apr 2012
26.2 km

Arenzano to the Genova Hotel Base
Train out. The coast road was typical and quiet early on. Genova was industrial and tiring. It's easy to walk to the airport from either of the two nearby railway stations. Find out if the GPS exaggerates urban distances. Apparent zigzag paths caused by reflections.

Mon 09th 
Apr 2012
11.1 km

Genova Sampierdarena to Genova Pontedecimo
Train both ways. An urban industrial river valley. Glad it was a bank holiday. Cold snap below 10C. Explored the train route to Arquata Scrivia by train. Felt tired today.

Tue 10th 
Apr 2012
20.9 km

Genova Pontedecimo to Ronco Scrivia
Train both ways. Mountain valley with small villages, the col of the Passo dei Giovi, mountain flowers, a cold day, drizzle, the old road was not too busy, feet and body OK again.

Wed 11th 
Apr 2012
21.6 km

Ronco Scrivia to Serravalle-Scrivia
Train both ways. Downhill all day. It snowed! Tried unsuccessfully to abort the walk at Pietrabissara but there were no trains due to the weather. Completed the walk when it cleared up a bit and the slush melted. Not too tired in spite of the conditions.

Tur 12th 
Apr 2012
23.1 km

Serravalle-Scrivia to Tortona
Train both ways. Downhill all day again. There were some quiet roads but much of the walk was on the main road which had a good margin for walking. Cold and sunny.

Fri 13th 
Apr 2012
17.8 km

Tortona to Voghera
Train both ways. Main road all the way except the Pontecurone bypass. The old town roads were quiet. 10 minutes of rain. Cool and overcast with spots or rain. A long cold wait at Voghera for the return train. This was the first long wait. Well done Trenitalia.

Sat 14th 
Apr 2012
24.5 km

Voghera to Broni
One train out. Two back. Very light rain all day. 65% main road. Then it got nice. First cuckoo.

Sun 15th 
Apr 2012

Genova to Beccles
Bus, Flight, Bus, Car. Neil took the 6 Euro bus because it was raining hard. The journed was uneventful.

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