Italy, Piemonte, Alessandria

Serravalle-Scrivia to Tortona - 23.1 km - Thursday 12th April 2012

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Downhill all day again. There were some quiet roads but much of the walk was on the main road which had a good margin for walking.

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Diary - Top

The 05:45 to Torino departed on time. Neil got out at Serravalle Scrivia.

There was a hard frost just outside Serravalle Scrivia and the pharmacy thermometer said 3C. It took a while for the sun to get up but there was no wind so in spite of the cold, it was much more pleasant than the sleet and snow of Wednesday.

As the day warmed up, the wooly hat came off, then the cagoule and eventually the fleece. The zip off legs never got zipped off. It was too fresh.

Just under 9 km were on side roads with 1.2 km surprisingly busy. It must have been the morning commute. The rest was on the SS35 which was somewhat busy. There was a margin wide enough to walk on in reasonable safety.

There were good views of the coastal mountain belt and the snow covered Italian Alps could be seen in the more distant north. Even the small coastal mountains had snow on the higher peaks. This must be unusual because the TV news has been going on about it.

There was an ideally placed supermarket on the approach to Tortona where seedy wholemeal bread was located and another pizza. With additional smoked salmon and Philadelphia cheese there should now be enough food to last until departure day apart from bread which seems easy to get. Of course there will be made up sandwiches for the journey to avoid the Ryanair prices and palaver because they never have any small change.

With Istanbul as the destination, it was depressing to see a flight advertised for EUR 127. I could spend another ten years walking or just get the flight. Of course the real reason for walking is to avoid turning into a 20 stone chair-bound lump of coronary lard; my natural state.

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