Italy, Liguria, Genova

Genova to Genova Pontedecimo - 11.1 km - Monday 9th April 2012

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Urban industrial river valley. Glad it was a bank holiday. Cold snap below 10C. Explored the route to Arquata Scrivia by train. Felt tired today.

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Today Neil had a lie in. After much deliberation, it's back to Plan A. Head for Milan. There is no coast road in the wilder parts of the national park east of Genova and the inland route is long and hilly and probably not very safe walking on the mountain roads. There may be interesting routes through but a lack of research with Google Earth and Wikiloc means these are unknown right now. This is sad because the terrain is probably stupendous.

After a later train from Piazza Principe, one stop to Sampierdarena the walk began. It was windy and really cold. Every other shop is a pharmacy and they all have a clock, date and thermometer flashing sign. They varied between 5 and 10 C.

After feeling unusually well for the first few days of walking with minimal aches and pains and more or less comfortable feet, today it all went wrong. Apart from bank holiday travel confusion with timetables the aches and pains suggested a reduced programme would be a good idea. 11.1 km was enough. Also this set a sensible distance for Tuesday.

Finishing the walk so early, Neil took the train to Arquata Scrivia. This is on the proposed route. There was a small problem with the out-of-service ticket machine. Using not so beautiful Spanish with an Italian accent often seems to work and the conductor let Neil onto the train and charged EUR 3.30. Normally there is a 5 euro surcharge for buying on the train.

There is a mountain belt along the coast. Heading inland over the pass, everything looked greener and the rivers had more water flowing. The climate looked softer and wetter. There should be some good walking here and the winding river valley was outstanding.

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