Italy, Liguria, Genova

Arenzano to Genova, Via Balbi - 26.2 km - Sunday 8th April 2012

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The coast road was typical and quiet early in the day. Genova was mostly industrial and tiring. It's easy to walk to the airport from the nearby stations.

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Diary - Top

The 06:07 Ventimiglia train from Genova Piazza Principe departed ten minutes late. It's Easter Sunday and there might be a few teething problems as several other trains were late too. Party goers asleep on the line perhaps. Neil got out at Arenzano.

The walk started well in fine sunny weather. The coast road was familiar now with its railings and footpath. There was very little traffic so early in the day. The Easter Sunday crowds built up gradually. Then the terrain went from seaside resort into the port area. Here, as might be expected, it was very industrial and dusty. The approach to the city centre was not too bad by big city standards. Pedestrians were catered for although sometimes the routes were less than direct.

One goal of the day was to find out if the airport can be reached on foot from the two nearby railway stations. The answer is yes to both. The stingy can save the six euro airport coach fare by using the local train and walking 1.6 km.

From Genova Sestri Ponti station, head towards Genova and cross the railway using the first footbridge which leads to housing and a port area. Keep bearing left until the airport becomes fairly obvious with a signed route for pedestrians. This route is hard to get wrong and more interesting but has steps for the footbridge.

The alternative from Genova Cornigliano station is more tricky but easier with wheeled suitcases. Cross the main road and head away from Genova walking on the right hand side of the road. Very soon you reach a slip road, probably signposted to the airport. You need to walk up this. There is a footpath but it was blocked by parked lorries and vans when I tried it. This slip road bears left and crosses the main road. You finish up on a foot path in the reservation of the middle of the dual carriage way. Soon there is a pedestrian crossing where you can get too the correct side. This is a small airport so crossing the dual carriage way is not too hard. There is even a pedestrian crossing and many drivers are polite and might stop for you.

Both routes are a similar length at 1.6 km. There is a map above.

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