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Toulon to Nice - 0 km - Wednesday 20th April 2011

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Transfer from the hotel in Toulon to a much worse one in Nice

Gare de Toulon Hotel Plaisance in Nice Busy Sea Front in Nice Pozor Vlak One to me

Diary - Top

The transfer from Toulon to Nice went smoothly. The TGV was on time. The carrying cage (carriage) was full of very small screaming children. Would a raving wino have been preferable. It's not clear cut.

The hotel in Nice was shabby and the room pokey by comparison with Toulon. The carpet was covered in cigarette burns and stains, the least objectionable of which might have been vomit. But the WiFi worked really well. Even Google Earth worked properly. They had Cisco wireless routers. The city is not as nice as Toulon but far nicer than Marseille.

The railway station was really busy. It might be the start of the build-up for the Easter weekend.

Plan "A" was to move to the Nice base and do an 18 km walk in the afternoon. This turned out to be impossible. The hotel check-in was from 1pm. That left too little time to do the walk and get the last train back.

So plan "B" for the walk tomorrow is to start in Antheor and to make up for the lost walking today, head for Cannes adding about 8 km. This should be possible unless it gets really hot or the terrain is much more strenuous than it looks. The first train is at 08:01 and takes about one hour. The couple of cool walking hours will be lost again. After Cannes, there are far more trains and pre-dawn starts will be easy to achieve.

Repeating this idea for the next couple of days, Italy may still be in reach. By now the feet might tolerate longer walks without complaining so much.

The France Spain border spat seems to have lasted only one day and affected about eight trains so it's worth the risk.

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