France, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Var

Frejus to Antheor - 19.5 km - Tuesday 19th April 2011

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Used the coast road. This was not too busy and had pavement most of the way.

Garmin Altitude Plot Garmin Mapsource Google Earth St Raphael St Raphael St Raphael St Raphael St Raphael St Raphael St Raphael Yellow Horned Poppy Yellow Horned Poppy Yellow Horned Poppy Antheor Antheor Antheor Cliff Clover Cliff Clover Antheor Antheor Antheor Antheor Antheor Antheor Station

Diary - Top

The 06:05 train went straight from Toulon to Frejus 50 minutes late. So much for walking while it's cool. The walk was easy, just following the coast road all the way. There was usually shade on one or other side of the road and there was a cool sea breeze. Most of the traffic was on the bigger roads inland. Now that it's hilly, the scenery is prettier so there are more photos again. The route never climbed at all high but there were frequent slopes up or down as the road crossed ancient stream beds. It was very built up with private houses and a few hotels. Inland, it looked as though there might be some quite nice walking areas but Google Earth showed no through routes.

On the return train journey I had a repeat of the no-ticket-machine problem. I got another free ride for about three stops. I think you are supposed to use the equivalent of the London oyster card but I have no clue how the French ones work. In any case that would not have helped at Gonfaron as the oyster machine had been smashed.

Tomorrow is transfer day. I go to Nice. The TGV is booked and no doubt a drunk is already on stand-by. This will be a day-off walking unless I get a sudden burst of energy in the afternoon. The route looks too long and strenuous to carry all my baggage and my legs and feet could do with a day to recover. This means I'll be unlikely to reach Italy, but as predicted, there is a minor war between France and Italy over the border crossing. The French seem to have suspended all trains. My understanding of the news is poor but it might have something to do with the Italians allowing illegal immigrants to cross into France. So I could walk to Italy but walking back would be too far! We'll see.

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