France, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Var

Les Arcs to Frejus - 24.1 km - Monday 18th April 2011

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Used the main road. Too tired to go the pretty way after yesterday's efforts.

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Diary - Top

Only one train was needed in the morning. That was the 06:05 from Toulon.

Today Neil deviated from his planned route because it was either that or have a day in bed. An easy walk was needed and as short as possible. When 23.9 km counts as easy you can see he was a bit knackered. It was slightly downhill almost all the way. After two days with long hot walks with strenuous sections something easier was needed.

Instead of using the planned pretty route, almost the shortest was used. That meant using the main road. At the very start there was a Google Err. The planned road turned out to be a new soggy drainage channel for an industrial estate under construction. The main road was not too bad for the first two thirds. There were places where you could get off the road for a rest. One was in very nice woodland. The last third was in an industrial estate with the dual carriage way running through. This was horrible and becoming increasingly dangerous with concrete crash barriers and nowhere to jump clear. Eventually it all got too much and an illegal railway crossing led to a quiet lane which helped for a while. This significantly risked tearing the seat out of the trousers sliding down the embankment. Add navy blue paint to the packing list so in this event, the tear would be less noticeable.

Another short detour avoiding the worst of the traffic led into Frejus. A train for Les Arcs came in about 45 minutes and the connection wait was only half an hour. This was the earliest home arrival for days. There was time to go food shopping, have a long wallow in the bath, do the laundry and get an early night. Setting the alarm for 04:30 is another reason for being a bit tired.

Tomorrow's walk is shorter but the train connections are worse and will be expensive because once again they involve going in the wrong direction.

About one hour into the walk, the expensive and fashionable seaside resorts will begin. Slogging through Cannes with the rucksack dodging all the posh people should be fun, at least until the novelty wears off. I wonder if Mr Bean will be there with the Russian boy.

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