France, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Bouches-du-Rhône and Var

Cassis to Bandol - 26.6 km - Wednesday 13th April 2011

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Mixture of busy and empty roads through some very nice countryside.

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Diary - Top

The 06:03 train broke down. Having set the alarm for 04:30 one was not amused. The next train at 06:33 ran on time and at Cassis (pronounced without the final s), the walk began at sunrise. The route was very varied, starting on empty lanes, followed by a busy road, then a completely empty road soon turning left onto a mountain path avoiding the land-fill site. This path may have been private. Maybe the French equivalent of the ramblers' association could advise. Deposing the greedy land owners was after all one of the main points of the revolution.

The road dropped down to sea level and for the first time since the October 2010 trip, the golden mile could be used. This is flat, there is little shade, it's too windy and it's full of people and dogs and bicycles and skate boards and roller bladers. In fact it becomes clearer by the minute why we always took to the hills whenever possible.

After leaving the sea front, a lack of planning added 1.5 km of hated main road. Although this road ran through mountain forest, dodging the cars was the main preoccupation. When the turn-off finally appeared, it was most unwelcoming with "Private" and "No Entry" signs. With the revolution in mind, these were all ignored and it was a lovely route down into Bandol. One of the reasons for no access was the fire risk so the rich "Get off my land!" mob are using health and safety to keep themselves private. Is it time for a new revolution?

Ear popping signals the final stage of this cold with the catargh slowly clearing.

Bandol had a nice station. There were seats in all the correct places for all weathers. Sun, shade and wind breaks. The station was well looked after too. Give the station master a prize!

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