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Nimes to Beccles - 0 km - Sunday 27th February 2011

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Walked to Himes airport. Routine Flight.

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Hardened back packers who don't mind a 14 km walk can travel between Nîmes railway/bus station and the airport using this pleasant route avoiding almost all the busy roads including the section in the city centre. If you have time to kill and it's not too hot, it's a winner. You save the 5 euro navette fare too. The route is blocked for vehicles in several places. You have to scramble across ditches where new roads have severed the old routes. These are not hard, even for an overweight 57 year-old.

Neil's journey back to Beccles was routine although he was searched yet again at security. The beardy rucsac look must worry the security people. Perhaps not too many peolpe have so much electronics. Laptop, GPS, Camera and Phone plus all the chargers and cables. A travel kettle too but Neil destroyed this on the last day by forgetting to put the water in.

Next trip new sandals, a new kettle and a new rucsac will be needed as the old ones are on their last legs or like the kettle, destroyed.

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