Languedoc Roussillon(Aude, Hérault)

Leucate to Montpellier. 162.1 km - October 2010

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23rd October 2010 - Stansted to Sete
24th October 2010 - Leucate La Franqui to Port La Nouvelle
25th October 2010 - Port La Nouvelle to Narbonne
26th October 2010 - Narbonne to Beziers
27th October 2010 - Beziers to Agde
28th October 2010 - Agde to Sete
29th October 2010 - Sete to Montpellier
30th October 2010 - Sete to Carcassonne
31st October 2010 - Carcassonne to Stansted


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Having started the walk with Anne (Sister) and Margaret (Mother), Neil is now walking alone.

Anne died earlier in 2010 in late June. Her breast cancer finally caught up with her after spreading to her pancreas. She was already getting some quite significant discomfort on the last days of the Cerbere walks. She had a very painful 14 month decline before she died. This is why there has been such a long gap in this story. Neither Neil nor Anne really expected to get to all the way from Portugal to Istanbul. Anne had had the cancer for most if not all of the walk but it had not seriously affected her health until May 2009. The walk will be less fun without Anne's sense of humour and eccentric linguistic skills.

Margaret, Neil's mother also died this year in late April. She started the walk with us in 2003 walking about half the days and letting her feet recover in between. She did the shorter legs but this was still pretty impressive for someone in her 80s. She continued to travel with us until 2008 when we stayed in Altea, Spain. She still went for short walks but had, by now, given up accompanying us on the walk. She never expected to get as far as she did.

It remains to be seen how far Neil will get.

Date / Distance

Transport and Route Summary

Sat 23rd 
Oct 2010

Beccles to Sète, France via Carcassonne.
Car, Bus, Flight, Taxi, Train, Walk.
The French rail workers are on strike again. To get from Carcassonne to Narbonne cost EUR 110 by taxi.

Sun 24th 
Oct 2010
18.5 km

Leucate la Franqui to Port la Nouvelle.
Train, Walk, Train
The walk roughly followed the CR1 cycle route but frequently deviated onto quieter lanes nearby. Little traffic.

Mon 25th 
Oct 2010
24.1 km

Port la Nouvelle to Narbonne.
Train, Train, Walk, Train
Almost all of this walk followed the Canal de la Robine and was very nice except for a strong cold wind. A traffic free route.

Tue 26th 
Oct 2010
31.3 km

Narbonne to Beziers.
Train, Walk, Train
The start was on quiet country lanes. Before Colombiers there was a bit more traffic. Finally the Canal du Midi tow path.

Wed 27th 
Oct 2010
26.3 km

Beziers to Agde.
Train, Walk, Train
Apart from accessing the stations, the whole walk was traffic free on the Canal du Midi tow path. Nice.

Thu 28th 
Oct 2010
26.3 km

Agde to Sète.
Train, Walk
Industrial estates, country track, main road, cycle tracks, road closed to motor traffic (nice), Sète sea front and harbour.

Fri 29th 
Oct 2010
35.6 km

Sète to Montpellier.
Walk, Train
Busy main road, traffic free canal tow path, cycle paths, country lanes, footbridge across A9 and the city.

Sat 30th 
Oct 2010

Sète to Carcassonne
This is part of the journey home to England because Ryanair changed the flight times making it impossible to get to the airport in time. A 250 to 300 Euro taxi ride would have fixed the problem but that sort of extravagance is not possible.

Sun 31st 
Oct 2010

Carcassonne to London, Stansted
The journey was routine apart from a flat car battery and forgetting to renew the AA membership.

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