Languedoc Roussillon (Pyrénées-Orientales, Aude)

Cerbère to Leucate. 109.9 km - April 2009

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23rd May 2009 - Cerbere to Village des Aloes
24th May 2009 - Village des Aloes to Banyuls
25th May 2009 - Banyuls to Port Vendres
26th May 2009 - Port Vendres to Elne
27th May 2009 - Elne to Perpignan
28th May 2009 - Perpignan to Salses
29th May 2009 - Salses to Leucate
30th May 2009 - Cerbere to Beccles


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May 2009. We started our trek across France by walking 3.9 km from Cerbère railway station to our accommodation at Village des Aloes. We followed the main road which was not too busy but not too pleasant either. Later in the week we worked out another shorter and nicer route but it involved a cliff edge path, a short stretch between the railway line and a steep embankment and a walk across private but empty (while we were there) land. This route is 2.4 km and only a short stretch is on the main road. In the direction from Village des Aloes to Cerbère there are no "No Entry" signs. In the other direction there are several. There was a fairly well worn path so clearly we were not the only ones using this route. In the dark or during high winds, this route could be thoroughly dangerous in places.

Days one, two and three were mountainous. On day four we reached the Perpignan plain where apricots and cherries were ripening. The last day was mountainous again with fine views over lakes and the sea.

Date / Distance

Transport and Route Summary

Sat 23rd 
May 2009
3.9 km

Beccles to Cerbère, France via Girona.
Car, Bus, Flight, Bus, Train, Walk.
Uneventful. Unusually the walk to our accommodation was also part of our route across Europe.

Sun 24th 
May 2009
15.0 km

Cerbère to Banyuls.
Short leg on the quiet coast road. Mountain road with tarmac at first. Mountain paths. Very nice!

Mon 25th 
May 2009
14.0 km

Banyuls Port to Vendres.
Roads near the towns - not too busy. Empty country lanes and farm tracks for most of the walk.

Tue 26th 
May 2009
19.9 km

Port Vendres to Elne
SNCF strike. SNCF replacement bus Instead.
Very nice quiet road and path between Port Vendres and Argeles. Busier roads afterwards. Winds increasing.

Wed 27th 
May 2009
17.5 km

Elne to Perpignan
Pleasant lowland farm roads near Elne. CR1 cycle track towards Perpignan. Nice city centre. Very windy day.

Thu 28th 
May 2009
23.0 km

Perpignan to Salses
Pleasant route out of Perpignan. CR1 cycle route for the rest of the way. Minimal busy roads. Wind decreasing.

Fri 29th 
May 2009
16.6 km

Salses to Leucate
We climbed to about 200 metres and crossed rocky wild terrain following a straight gas pipeline service road. Very nice.

Sat 30th 
May 2009

Cerbère to Beccles
Bus, Bus, Flight, Bus, Car
Long and tiring with prolonged waits although there were no delays.

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