Catalunia (Barcelona, Girona)

Cunit - Cerbere 299.6 km - April 2009

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4th April 2009 - Arrival
5th April 2009 - Cunit to Sitges
6th April 2009 - Sitges to Platja de Castelldefels
7th April 2009 - Platja de Castelldefels to El Prat de Llobregat
8th April 2009 - El Prat de Llobregat to Home
9th April 2009 - Home to Vilassar de Mar
10th April 2009 - Vilassar de Mar to Canet de Mar
11th April 2009 - Canet de Mar to Blanes
12th April 2009 - Blanes to Sils
13th April 2009 - Sils to Fornells de la Selva
14th April 2009 - Fornells de la Selva to Flaca
15th April 2009 - Flaca to Sant Miquel de Fluvia
16th April 2009 - Sant Miquel de Fluvia to Vilajuiga
17th April 2009 - Vilajuiga to Portbou
18th April 2009 - Portbou to Cerbere
19th April 2009 - Departure


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April 2009. We reached France. Northern Spain is very nice to walk in. There is a huge diversity of terrain from the coast to the Pyrenees. Placid flat farmland lies alongside 1000 foot forested hills. There are rivers and streams. Deciduous trees thrive here but not further south. There is a huge diversity of wild flowers and there are still wild boar. The Pyrenees rise to 11000 feet and have snow covered peaks for most of the year. Girona would make a good base for anyone wanting to walk in the area.

Date / Distance

Transport and Route Summary

Sat 4th 
Apr 2009

Beccles to Barcelona.
Car, Flight, Trains.
Uneventful apart from the ritalin deficient school PE department.

Sun 5th 
Apr 2009
18.9 km

Cunit to Sitges.
A pleasant sea front walk.

Mon 6th 
Apr 2009
21.7 km

Sitges to Platja de Castelldefels.
We headed inland on pleasant tracks and paths. We had to hide (or appear as unwanted extras in a movie). The last leg was back on the sea front.

Tue 7th 
Apr 2009
20.8 km

Platja de Castelldefels to El Prat de Llobregat.
A pleasant seafront walk. We passed west of El Prat airport through a nature reserve and stayed on rural roads almost all the way to the Cercania station.

Wed 8th 
Apr 2009
20.6 km

El Prat de Llobregat to Home.
The first few kilometres avoided motorways and industrial zones. Then we headed through residential Barcelona and light industrial and commercial areas. After some park land, we reached our flat. Remarkably pleasant for a big city.

Thu 9th 
Apr 2009
25.0 km

Home to Vilassar de Mar.
Dawn walk through Barcelona followed by sea front walking, occasionally bypassing some big industry.

Fri 10th 
Apr 2009
21.1 km

Vilassar de Mar to Canet de Mar.
Sea front walking. This style of walk is becoming repetitive.

Sat 11th 
Apr 2009
22.0 km

Canet de Mar to Blanes.
Yet more sea front. Towards the end, we head inland with some relief.

Sun 12th 
Apr 2009
22.9 km

Blanes to Sils.
Hill and forest walking followed by lowland agriculture. This was a nice change although the weather became cold and wet.
Mon 13th 
Apr 2009
25.8 km
Sils to Fornells de la Selva.
Agricultural paths and forest walking. Very nice.
Tue 14th 
Apr 2009
23.9 km
Fornells de la Selva to Flaça.
More lowland agriculture followed by 1000 foot forested hills. After a 6 km parallel with a main road, this was very nice walking terrain.
Wed 15th 
Apr 2009
18.4 km
Flaça to Sant Miquel de Fluvià.
We had to wade across a wide ford, shin deep in fast flowing water. Otherwise the walk was very pleasant and rural.
Thu 16th 
Apr 2009
24.3 km
Sant Miquel de Fluvià to Vilajuiga.
Another rural walk with views of the snowy Pyrenees in the distance. Later in the day, a thunderstorm brewed up but mostly missed us. The destination station was not in "Station Road" so we had a last minute rush to get to the proper place.
Fri 17th 
Apr 2009
23.7 km
Vilajuiga to Portbou.
We are now walking in the foot hills of the Pyrenees. This is much more interesting and much harder work.
Sat 18th 
Apr 2009
10.5 km
Portbou to Cerbère.
We used a mountain path to cross from Spain into France. There was video security at the start of this path. perhaps this is the norm in the 21st century. We could easily have diverted a few yards to avoid the camera. Perhaps it was only to deter vehicular traffic. France and Spain seem to be at war over the rail link between these villages. A more comical and stupid bureaucratic state of affairs could not be found in an Ealing comedy.
Sun 19th 
Apr 2009
Barcelona to Beccles.
Train, Flight, Car.

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