Spain, Valencia, Alicante

Alicante to Stansted - 0 km - Sunday 6th April 2008

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The Spain Ian took us to the airport. The return journey was uneventful but the airport queues were long, both at Alacant and at Stansted. At Stansted our brother Ian picked us up and drove us home through mostly melted snow. We were not too glad to be home.


Cruet La Creueta
Yoyosa La Vila Joiosa
Stickula Stick
Wik wok wicker
Retrarsed late
cossack Kiosk
Pivo beer

Things to add some time

Turin shroud
Rugby players in plane
Ssticky Vicky
look at that bloody great big bull
add Ian story re advertisements
yer didn't kum to maa welkum partee
Neil altering notice board to reveal correct departure details because rep hasn't done it. She is not pleased.
wailing willy
this is Pedro our driver they're terrible drivers in Spain.
It's a big one its a little one.
Shall we see Tres and Cuatro or is our route different.
Neil has seen a fut fut car in England
Heisse flasche
Longnose ice-cream

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