Spain, Valencia, Alicante

Altea to Crueta - 0 km - Thursday 27th March 2008

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Train trip to Crueta to see the views. Picnic at Altea seaside.

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Google Earth has never heard of the EstaciĆ³n de Creueta. Hmph! It's just over the river east of Villajoyosa

After a long lie-in, we took Mini for a day trip. First we took the train from Garganes to Crueta, passing through all the lands we know quite well from previous Costa Blanca holidays. Then without even getting off the train, we returned to Altea. There we walked along the sea front and had a nice picnic. Anne bought a little pot to replace the one she melted in the microwave oven. Mini bought a plastic self adhesive hook to replace the one she broke. Neil is wondering what he will break.

Mini was all sad because she had been psyching herself up for a great big elevenses Easter egg but Neil had only brought small ones. Earlier Anne was all sad because she lost all her words off her ancient Psion palm-top. She, like almost every other computer user, did not have a backup.

I wash my clothes and hair and in typing up worms lose all of them bar two lines. This is version 2 and being saved in little, chunks in case of another crash. Is it time to replace this psion. At least if I had something compatible Neil could keep backups of past material and I could do the same with a flash disk or CDs. I'll see. So far Psion has been good again. Tonight we are having duck a l'orange and I am the cooker. OK it's 70s but I like it so I'm having it but unfortunately without prawn cocktail for starters and cheesecake for afters.

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