Murcia, Valencia(Alacant)

Los Nietos to Poble Espanyol 147.5 km. February 2008

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9th February 2008 - Arrival
10th February 2008 - Los Nietos to Alcazares
11th February 2008 - Alcazares to San Pedro
12th February 2008 - San Pedro to Torrevieja
13th February 2008 - Torrevieja to La Marina
14th February 2008 - La Marina to Elche
15th February 2008 - Elche to Alicante
16th February 2008 - Alicante to Poble Espanyol
17th February 2008 - Departure


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This section presented few problems. The terrain was more or less flat so there are no altitude plots. Even the transport arrangements were easy. The downside is a high population density and fewer of the wild areas that we love.

Date / Distance

Transport and Route Summary

Sat 9th Feb 2008

London Stansted to Alicante
We went by car to the Pink Elephant parking at Stansted.
At Alicante we got the C6 bus into town. This cost 1 Euro.

Sun 10th Feb 2008
14.2 km.

Los Nietos to Alcázares.
Bus and Train. The route was on quiet roads, paved beach paths and dirt tracks. There were short stretches on the beach and we paddled across some creaks.

Mon 11th Feb 2008
16.3 km.

Alcázares to San Pedro del Pinatar.
Bus. The beach path starts nicely and turns into a board-walk through a reedy marsh nature reserve. There is a military zone between the airport and the sea so we had to go inland and follow a slightly busy road. Nearer San Pedro, the route is quite built up.

Tue 12th Feb 2008
24.4 km.

San Pedro del Pinatar to Torrevieja.
Bus. This walk was cold, wet at times and windy. We avoided the most exposed areas and sought shelter inland for much of the route. Some stretches were on the busy coast road. With better weather, a better route could certainly be found.

Wed 13th Feb 2008
26.7 km.

Torrevieja to La Marina.
Bus. Another cold windy day. We avoided the exposed coast and sought shelter inland. South of Guardarmar, there are pines woods in sand dunes. This was a very nice place with sheltered micro-habitats. North of Guardarmar, we tried to avoid the main road with partial success. We crossed interesting flat terrain with drainage/irrigation canals.

Thu 14th Feb 2008
21.2 km.

La Marina to Elx.
Bus. With the cold snap and salinas passable only via the main road, we headed away from the coast to Elche (Elx). The route was on quiet and moderately busy roads. Elx has nice tree filled parks (Hortas) and some pedestrianised routes.

Fri 15th Feb 2008
24.2 km.

Elx to Alacant.
Bus. We found some quiet roads but much of the route was on the busy radial routes to Alicante. The outskirts of Alicante are not at all pedestrian friendly. In town there are pedestrian crossings and mostly kind, polite drivers.

Sat 16th Feb 2008
20.5 km.

Alacant to Poble Espanyol.
Tram. We followed the coast north in better weather. We even managed a snooze and a bask in the sun. We had a couple of route blockages. The first was due to unusually well maintained fences across the tram tracks. We had to backtrack. The second was due to cliffs and tower blocks. We avoided a backtrack by sneaking into a tower block, going up in the lift and escaping across a bridge onto the main road. Strictly speaking, this breaks our rule to walk all the way but it was fun to do.

Sun 17th Feb 2008

Alicante to London, Stansted.
Bus, Air and Car. Our return to the UK was uneventful.

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