Andalucía (Almería)

Playa Serena (Roquetas de Mar) to Mojácar 142.5 km. April 2007

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31st March 2007 - London Stansted to Almeria
1st April 2007 - Playa Serena to Aguadulce
2nd April 2007 - Aguadulce to Aeropuerto de Almeria
3rd April 2007 - Aeropurerto de Almeria to Cabo de Gata
4th April 2007 - Cabo de Gata to San Jose
5th April 2007 - Roquetas Boat Trip
6th April 2007 - Aguadulce wet day
7th April 2007 - Retamar to Almeria Airport
8th April 2007 - San Jose to La Isleta
9th April 2007 - La Isleta to Las Negras
10th April 2007 - Las Negras to Agua Amarga
11th April 2007 - Agua Amarga to Carboneras
12th April 2007 - Carboneras to Mojacar
13th April 2007 - Cabo de Gata Day Trip
14th April 2007 - Almeria to Stansted


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At last a useful map! But don't rely on the walk time estimates. Cabo de Gata Níjar - - With the rough mountain paths, we took about 3.5 hours longer than their estimate for the route from Las Negras to Agua Amarga. On other routes we were faster than their estimate.

Date / Distance

Transport and Route Summary

Sat 31st March 2007
London Stansted to Almería to Aguadulce
Taxi, Air, Taxi. The journey was uneventful but the flight was marred by a loud Londoner talking, without pause, complete bollocks for 2 hours 45 minutes. Perhaps he was a taxi driver. Both the taxi transfers worked. We had nice quiet drivers and we found our accommodation without too much trouble. The piso is on the 12th floor and has a sea view.

Sun 1st April 2007
11.7 km.

Playa Serena to Aguadulce
Bus. We explored Aguadulce in the morning locating shops and bus stops. After lunch we caught a bus to Playa Serena and walked back along the coast to Aguadulce.

Mon 2nd April 2007
24.0 km.

Agaudulce to Almería Airport
Bus. Our walk from home started nearly an hour before dawn. We walked along the coast road with fairly heavy traffic. There were occasional breaks when the old road bypassed new tunnels. After Almería, there was less traffic and the walk became pleasant. We saw an Iberian Wild Goat.

Tue 3rd April 2007
16.9 km.

Almería Airport to Cabo de Gata (pueblo)
Bus. At the airport, we headed north and soon east to clear the runway perimeter. After the airport, apart from one short golden mile at Retamar, the route became wild and free all the way to Cabo de Gata.

Wed 4th April 2007
22.3 km.

Cabo de Gata (pueblo) to San Jose
Bus. We walked from the village of Cabo-de-Gata round the point to San Jose. This was a delightful, almost car free, walk. A short afternoon thunder and hail storm just added to the drama of the mountains, dunes and sea.

Thu 5th April 2007

Roquetas de Mar Boat Trip
Bus and Boat. The weather was calm and sunny. Once at sea the wind got up and several people were sick. The highlight of the trip was a good view of a thunder storm and tornado (luckily some distance away). It was just under force 5 (Beaufort) where we were. The GPS logged distance was 21.3 km.

Fri 6th April 2007

Day in Aguadulce
Friday dawned dull and got worse. There were growls of thunder while the sun shone briefly. At least we did not spot another tornado (see Thursday). We explored the locale, bought a heater, bread, tuna and ice cream in tubs for later.

Sat 7th April 2007

Retamar to the Airport
Bus and Hire-Car. The walk was not planned. The bus did not stop near the airport so we had to walk back 5.6 km from Retamar..

Sun 8th April 2007
11.6 km.

San Jose to La Isleta del Moro
Hire Car. The road out of San Jose was in disrepair and even four wheel drive vehicles would be unwise to try it. So there were no cars until we re-joined the coast road near La Isleta. The route was easy to find, not too strenuous and the views were excellent.
Mon 9th April 2007
11.1 km.
La Isleta del Moro to Las Negras
Hire Car. It was raining hard and windy too. We slogged into the headwind and driving rain all the way to Las Negras. Our outward route was along the coast roads avoiding slippery cliff paths. The route back to the car was much nicer with a coastal cliff path and a track through farm land in the Rodalquilar Valley. At Las Isleta, we walked through an idyllic oasis.
Tue 10th April 2007
15.1 km including route errors.
Las Negras to Agua Amarga
Hire Car and Taxi. Starting at Las Negras, we walked mortis along the beach and then up the river bed. The start of the walk was easy to find. At Cala de San Pedro we got lost. We walked through the caves, tents and shanties up the river valley. This was a tiring but interesting mistake. We took so long to get to Agua Amarga that we could not return to Las Negras in daylight. In any case we were too tired. We got a taxi back to our parked can in Las Negras. The terrain on this route was not easy. We lost the path once or twice too.
Wed 11th April 2007
10.6 km.
Agua Amarga to Carboneras
Hire Car. From Agua Amarga, we walked 10.6 km to the far end of Carboneras. The route started on a very quiet road. At the cement factory, ports and power station, there were lots of lorries but alongside there was smooth wasteland good for walking and wild flowers. Where the main road merged, the golden mile ran parallel providing another safe and pleasant route.
Thu 12th April 2007
20.5 km.
Carboneras to Mojácar
Hire Car and Taxi. We walked along the coast road from Carboneras to Mojácar. Fortunately this road is not too busy (in April). There are no afternoon buses so we got a taxi back to Carboneras.
Fri 13th April 2007 Car tour of the Cabo de Gata Parque Natural
We took Mini to see the sights.
Sat 14th April 2007 Aguadulce, Almería Airport, London Stansted Airport and Home.
Ian fetched us from the airport. Nice.

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