Spain, Andalucia, Malaga

Rincon de la Victoria to Beccles - 0 km - Tuesday 2nd January 2007

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Delays blamed on the computer.

Diary - Top

Antonio is on time with his taxi. We arrive at the airport before the chickin (check in) desks open. We check in early and Neil takes a photo of my two cheeses I bought at Mercadona as presents. They are called Tetillon cheeses and look like boobies. Mini then says I should hold them up in the appropriate place so I do and he takes another photo. Neither picture came out. Perhaps Neil was shaking the camera with laughter. The plane waits on the runway for an hour because its flight plan has been changed and this means taking on more fuel before taking off and then takes a further extra hour because the longer route and strong headwind. As usual the computer got the blame. "To err is human but to really foul things up, you need a computer." Our cases appear in double quick time as the plane was small, not full and with many passengers not having luggage at all. Ian is waiting for us at Norwich with Teddy (the dog) who is pleased to see us but hardly aware we were gone.

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