Algarve (West)

Cabo são Vicente to Loule Station - 142.0 km. April 2003

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14th April 2003 - Cape Saint Vincent to Vila do Bispo
15th April 2003 - Vila do Bispo to Vale de Boi
16th April 2003 - Vale de Boi to Espiche
17th April 2003 - Espiche to Odiaxere
18th April 2003 - Odiaxere to Portimao
19th April 2003 - Portimao to Silves
20th April 2003 - Silves to Alcantarilha
21st April 2003 - Alcantarilha to Tunes
22nd April 2003 - Rest day
23rd April 2003 - Tunes to Boliqueime
24th April 2003 - Mini not well
25th April 2003 - Boliqueime to Loule


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Map of the Route

Here is another map we made.

Another map of the route

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Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) Data

We hope to provide GPS tracks for our walks. On this leg (Portugal 2003) we did not have the receiver and software. The cost was just too high. The Portugal 2004 leg should be better documented including dead ends and aborted routes! GPS receiver and software prices came down greatly between 2003 and 2004. We will be using a "Garmin eTrex Vista" receiver with PC MapSource software using the "Roads and Recreation (Europe)" CD ROM. The Portugal data on this CD is not very detailed. We have used the MapSource software to document the Portugal 2003 walks by re-constructing from the maps. This is better than nothing but not at all accurate. More recently we have re-estimated the distances with much better accuracy using Google Earth and the measuring tool. We have also provided reconstructions of our tracks. Most of these are quite accurate. Out route was well documented and we could remember where we had walked. The middle part of the Odiáxere to Portimão route is the least certain.

Date / Distance

Transport and Route Summary

Mon 14th April 2003
12.2 km.

Cabo São Vicente to Vila do Bispo
Bus. Quiet roads, wonderful views and a wildlife garden beyond compare.

Tue 15th April 2003
12.9 km.

Vila do Bispo to Vale de Boi
Bus. Quiet roads, eucalyptus forest tracks, a wind farm, country lanes, meadows, excellent views.

Wed 16th April 2003
8.8 km.

Vale de Boi to Espiche
Bus. Quiet country lanes through farm land and scrub.

Thu 17th April 2003
10.2 km.

Espiche to Odiáxere
Bus. Quiet country lanes, a few busier roads and a river valley.

Fri 18th April 2003
21.8 km.

Odiáxere to Portimão
Bus and train. Quiet country lanes, dirt roads through farm land, a very indirect and tiring route. We were not fit.

Sat 19th April 2003
12.9 km.

Portimão to Silves
Train. Very busy road at the start followed by quiet farm lanes and estuary views. Quite busy nearer Silves.

Sun 20th April 2003
9.9 km.

Silves to Alcantarilha
Train. Unmade farm tracks for most of the route. Part of the route is along a ridge with good views.

Mon 21st April 2003
10.3 km.

Alcantarilha to Tunes
Train. Quiet country lanes through farm land.

Tue 22nd April 2003

Rest Day
Lanes and tracks near out house in Lagos.

Wed 23rd April 2003
19.4 km.

Tunes to Boliquime
Train. Quiet country lanes and a dirt road through wild hills.

Thu 24th April 2003 

Rest Day
Lanes and tracks near out house in Lagos.

Fri 25th April 2003
10.7 km.

Boliquime to Loule
Taxi and train. Quiet country lanes and a dirt road alongside the railway.

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