Portugal, Algarve West

Lagos - Tuesday 22nd April 2003

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Rest day.

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Diary - Top

Quinto do Santo Phunurios to Torre de Atalaia

Today it was wet and we needed time to let out feet recover so we had a day off. In clearer weather in the afternoon we walked west from Lagos along narrow roads keeping as high as possible until we reached the Torre. The easterly return route followed the cliffs with the sea on our right. Before we got home, it got dark and we finished up blundering around muddy building sites where drains were being laid. Two days later we found an easy dry route.

Go along the lane behind Quinta do Santo Phunurius and turn right at the end towards the main road but turn left when you get to the road. Carry on along here past the Restaurante Atalaia and then turn left (15 minutes). This road leads all the way to the Torre. Eventually you will see it ahead of you sometimes on the right and sometimes on the left. Just turn right at the appropriate moment (45 minutes). Then turn left and return home along the cliff. Keep on until you get to a slope heading down to a beach (1 hour 30 minutes). Go right down the hill to the beach. Walk through the first car park. Then, opposite the rubbish bins, turn left and head on to the track which leads between the toilets on your right and a circular building on your left.. Keep on this track until you have just passed the white house you will have seen on your left. Then turn left on to the narrow track which leads back to the track behind Quinto do Santo Phunurius (1 hour 45 minutes).

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