Bungay Walks - Green Dragon and Other Pubs

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You're Lazy and Fat ...

said the doctor. Well almost. What he actually said was, "You really ought to try and lose some weight" and "Try to get some more exercise".

These walks might help - or not if you really enjoy the pubs.


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All Bungay Walks.gpxAll Bungay Walks.kml
Black Swan, Buck Inn, Queen's Head 12.5 Miles.gpxBlack Swan, Buck Inn, Queen's Head 12.5 Miles.kml
Broom 0.2 Miles.gpxBroom 0.2 Miles.kml
Broom Artichoke 5.48 Miles.gpxBroom Artichoke 5.48 Miles.kml
Bungay Town 2.21 Miles.gpxBungay Town 2.21 Miles.kml
Bungay Town Two 3.0 Miles.gpxBungay Town Two 3.0 Miles.kml
Bungay West 9.12 Miles.gpxBungay West 9.12 Miles.kml
East Walk 5.53 Miles.gpxEast Walk 5.53 Miles.kml
East and South 8.81 Miles.gpxEast and South 8.81 Miles.kml
Geldeston Locks Inn 9.77 Miles.gpxGeldeston Locks Inn 9.77 Miles.kml
Glof Course Perimeter Path 2.43 Miles.gpxGlof Course Perimeter Path 2.43 Miles.kml
Mermaid Balti House 3.14 Miles (one way).gpxMermaid Balti House 3.14 Miles (one way).kml
Outney Common Norfolk 4.44 Miles.gpxOutney Common Norfolk 4.44 Miles.kml
Outney Common Suffolk 3.46 Miles.gpxOutney Common Suffolk 3.46 Miles.kml
Outney Common Two Pubs and a Diner 5.1 Miles.gpxOutney Common Two Pubs and a Diner 5.1 Miles.kml
Saint Peter's Brewery 8.92 Miles.gpxSaint Peter's Brewery 8.92 Miles.kml
South Walk 5.15 Miles.gpxSouth Walk 5.15 Miles.kml
Untried - Huntsman and Hounds 15 Miles.gpxUntried - Huntsman and Hounds 15 Miles.kml

The Walks


Please use your own judgement and common sense.