Beccles Walks - Ellough, North Cove, Worlingham Cycle Route - 6.9 Miles

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This is NOT the most highly recommended walk in the area. It uses part of the National Cycle Route 30. This passes through rather built-up areas in Worlingham but it is fairly traffic free. There is a 500 yard stretch along the main road past Ellough airfield. This was quite busy and not very pleasant. And finally there is the section along the Ellough Air Strip runway. This is not a right of way and should only be attempted when the air field is closed.

    Distance Minutes Total
A)   Head south east along St Georges Road and cross the railway. At the roundabout, cross High Leas and look for the footpath labeled Rigbourne Hill Lane. 620 Yds 7 7
B) Follow Rigbourne Hill Lane heading south east. 660 Yds 8 15
C) At the end of the tree lined footpath, go roughly straight ahead into Oak Lane and continue south east. This is a dead end for vehicles but not for walkers. 530 Yds 6 21
D) When the path re-joins the tarmac road, go straight on, still heading south east. 540 Yds 6 27
E) After some barns on your left, follow the road as it bears left. When the road bears right, turn left, off the road, onto a grassy path and follow it heading roughly east. Later, the path crosses the narrow tarmac Church Road. After crossing a narrow field, head down the is-used runway. 0.55 Miles 11 38
F) The footpath runs parallel with the runway but is screened by a high earth embankment. Head due east. 620 Yds 8 46
G) Your path meets another runway. Turn left and follow the runway aiming north east. Soon you reach the main road. Follow the path to reach the roundabout. 615 Yds 8 54
H) Turn right and head east down the fairly busy B1127 (Benacre Road). 620 Yds 9 1:03
I) If the air strip is closed, turn left and cross the runway. At the junction, there is a sign for Emergency Vehicles (RVP) Rendezvous Point. This is not a right of way. If the airfield is in use, you can follow this alternative route. 80 Yds 1 1:04
J) Turn right and head east along the length of the runway. This is not a right of way. 500 Yds 6 1:10
K) At the end of the concrete runway, turn left and head north on a narrow grassy path between two fields. This is a right of way again. 630 Yds 11 1:21
L) The grassy path between the fields ends. Head straight on in the same direction across the field. The path should be visible unless the field has just been ploughed or seeded. Cross a field boundary and continue across the middle of the next field. Cross another field boundary and continue across the middle of the last field until you reach the road. At this point you will be heading for a point to the right of the pub which is clearly visible. Cross the road and head through a narrow strip of woodland. 700 Yds 12 1:33
M) Turn left and head west along the cycle route to the pub. 80 Yds 1 1:34
N) Leave the pub and turn right, heading west towards Beccles. Follow the cycle route parallel with the main road. 0.8 Miles 18 1:52
O) Follow the signposted cycle route into Lowestoft Road. This is the old main road into Beccles before the bypass was built. 130 Yds 2 1:54
P) Follow the signed cycle route left into Pain's Close and head south. The route follows the road south and then turns into a path across some park land where the path bends right (west). 440 Yds 5 1:59
Q) When you reach the road again, turn right, left, right and left into All Saints Green. 260 Yds 2 2:01
R) After 60 yards south west along All Saints Green, the road bends round to the right. Take the signed cycle route to the left immediately after this corner. This cycle track leads into Wainford Close still heading south west. 215 Yds 3 2:04
S) Turn right and skirt round the school grounds in Garden Lane. You will be heading north west. 155 Yds 2 2:06
T) Turn left off Garden Lane and head west along the signed cycle and foot path. After the school and half a dozen houses, the path bends left (south) through a pleasant green area. After the children's play area, bear right and head west again. 560 Yds 6 2:12
U) The path emerges into Holly Close. Follow this road west. When the road bears right, stay on the road and don't use the footpath. Soon the road bears left again and emerges on the more major Ellough Road. 410 Yds 5 2:17
V) Turn right along Ellough Road. 120 Yds 1 2:18
W) Turn left into Coney Hill and follow the road to its end. 700 Yds 8 2:26
X) At the top of Coney Hill, continue straight ahead onto the foot and cycle path that runs west alongside the school playing fields. 320 Yds 4 2:30
Y) At the end of this path, cross the roundabout and head back into St George's Road. Cross the railway bridge and return to your starting point. 620 Yds 8 2:38