Beccles Walks - Wheatacre White Lion - 10.2 Miles

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This is an easy walk. The only difficulty is stiles. These might defeat the less agile. The official right of way was blocked in two places but there were very nice alternative concessionary paths. The white lion is a nice pub with well kept draught Adnam's bitter and good food.

    Yards   Minutes  Total
A)   From Beccles Old Market / Bus Station / Bear and Bells, head towards the river and leave the square turning right / north along Northgate. 530 7 7
B) Turn left / west along Bridge Street and cross the river. After 250 yards along Gillingham Dam, turn right off the main road onto a signposted path. There is a stile here. 370 5 11
C) Head roughly northeast along the small path and work your way round the back of the boatyards and caravan site. When you reach the river, head northeast towards the Beccles bypass using the riverside path. Go under the bypass and continue along the river path until it ends. 1580 20 31
D) Cross the stile into the field and keep right skirting the boundary fence of the small house. After about 50 yards, leave the field using another stile. Turn left and head north along the narrow tarmac lane. 200 3 34
E) At the tee junction, turn left and follow the track as it bends right and passes north through the farm buildings. A pleasant local horse woman confirmed that this is the correct right of way. 170 2 36
F) As you leave the farmyard, at the crossroads, go straight on and head north towards the main road. 300 4 39
G) Just before the main road, turn right onto the waymarked horse trail. This runs parallel with the main road and later with Hollow Way Hill. 720 9 48
H) Re-join the tarmac road, turning right and head east for about 400 yards. 400 5 53
I) Turn left onto the much smaller lane (Elms Road) and head roughly north for about 300 yards. 310 4 57
J) Turn right onto the signposted field-edge path and head southeast. 320 4 1:01
K) The right of way was blocked here but a field access track leads to the main road. Turn right and head south following this track. 100 1 1:03
L) This waypoint marks the blocked right of way. A mature crop of sweet corn was the culprit. - - -
M) Cross the main road and turn left / east along a track that runs parallel with the main road. 400 5 1:08
N) Leave the roadside track and follow the signed path across the field. This path was not visible on the ground so you have to follow a bearing of about 1100. (A little south of due east). This path goes directly towards a church hidden behind belts of trees. 90 1 1:09
O) There was another sweet corn blockage here. I headed north, then east and then south again to get round the obstruction. Continue on a bearing of 1100. 120 2 1:10
P) Go through the field edge belt of trees and continue on a bearing of 1100. Cross two fields on this bearing. 300 4 1:14
Q) Cross the farm track and go left and right to follow the, now visible, track between two fields. You will still be on the 1100 bearing. 270 3 1:17
R) The track bends right and left. There is a parking area for farm vehicles here. Head east along clearly visible tracks. You cross a field, a belt of trees, another field and then pass between houses on a very narrow path. 460 6 1:23
S) Turn right at the tarmac lane and immediately left into the churchyard. Go through the cemetery passing close to and north of the church. 120 2 1:25
T) The path goes into the farmyard beside the tall silo. Go through the farmyard still heading east. 90 1 1:26
U) Leave the farmyard and turn right along the track with trees to your right. 50 1 1:26
V) At the field access lane, turn left and head east. 400 5 1:31
W) Cross the field using the signposted path which heads east of north on a bearing of about 250. This is straight across the field by the shortest path. 150 2 1:33
X) At the field edge, turn right and head east for 75 yards. 80 1 1:34
Y) Go through the gap in the hedge (left and right) and continue east. The hedge is now to your right. When the hedge ends, continue straight ahead across the field (east). 390 5 1:39
Z) Use the unusual stile/gate to leave the field and continue east. 80 1 1:40
1) At the tarmac lane, turn left and head north. 80 1 1:41
2) At the main road, turn right and head east. 340 4 1:45
3) Turn left at the first opportunity. You reach the pub in about 100 yards. 130 2 1:47
  Retrace your steps. 3600 45 2:32
M) Instead of crossing the main road, continue west along the track parallel with the main road. At the car park continue west. 620 8 2:40
I) Rejoin the main road near (I). 350 4 2:44
H) Use the horse trail parallel with the main road and head west. 1020 13 2:57
F) Just before entering the farmyard, turn right and head west. 710 9 3:06
4) Turn left along the signposted path. Follow this as it bends right to join the main road. 950 12 3:18
5) Cross the Beccles bypass. If it is too busy, you can divert to the footbridge visible on your right. 170 2 3:20
6) Turn left along Loddon Road, later Gillingham Dam to return to Beccles. Cross the river and for a change, go straight on at the junction with Northgate. 1390 17 3:37
7) Follow the road as it bears right. Head south along Ravensmere. Continue south into Newgate. Turn right into Smallgate. You soon arrive at the Old Market starting point. 560 7 3:44