Beccles Walks - River Waveney - 7.3 Miles

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This is a flat and easy walk apart from three stiles, one of which is high and demands some agility.

There are two pubs at Geldeston; the Wherry and the Locks Inn. The Locks Inn is very isolated and not on mains electricity yet. Many come to this pub on foot, by bicycle, by canoe or by Norfolk Broads cruiser. There is road access if your car has good springs. Real ale by candle light is nice and there are no horrible machines demanding your attention. There is more information here. The walk took three hours plus some time in the pub.

     Distance   Minutes  Total
A)   From the church, head north along the Walk, Saltgate and into Northgate towards Beccles Quay. 0.6 Miles 8 8
B) Turn left and head west at Bridge street and cross the river. 150 Yds 2 10
C) Straight after the bridge, turn left to follow the river path. Head south staying close to the river. 0.5 Miles 10 20
D) The river path now heads west. Carry on following the river all the way to Dunburgh where the path moves 50 yards away from the water for a short time. 1.4 Miles 34 54
E) Return close to the river after bypassing small cuts with moored boats. 0.7 Miles 17 1:11
F) At the river junction, bear right and follow the cut to Geldeston. 0.5 Miles 13 1:24
G) Head north at the boatyard. 120 Yds 2 1:26
H) Turn left and head west at the Wherry Inn along "The Street". 140 Yds 3 1:29
I) At the crossroads, turn left and head south into Station Road. 400 Yds 5 1:34
J) Turn left and head east of south on an un-made road signposted to the Locks Inn. 0.4 Miles 7 1:41
K) The track turns and heads east. 160 Yds 2 1:43
L) The track turns again and heads south again. 240 Yds 3 1:46
M) The Locks Inn, Geldeston. After a suitable pause, head southwest over the bridges. 170 Yds 2 1:48
N) After the bridges cross the field keeping right, close to the drainage ditch. Halfway across this open stretch there is another bridge with no railings. 380 Yds 8 1:56
O) At the gate at the far end of the field, turn left and head east through a smaller gate into a wood. Leave the wood through another gate and turn left to follow the field edge. 360 Yds 6 2:02
P) At the next gate turn left and head east to a tall stile that would be difficult for anyone not too agile. Cross the stile and continue east ignoring left and right turns. 1.1 Miles 23 2:25
Q) Stay on the path as it does a Zigzag right/south and soon left/east again. 600 Yds 10 2:35
R) At the main road, turn left and head east, following the narrow road-side track. 550 Yds 8 2:43
S) Turn left and go north into Puddingmoor. 0.4 Miles 12 2:55
T) Turn right and climb the steps heading east straight towards the church. 140 Yds 2 2:57
U) End of the walk