Beccles Walks - Toft Monks - White Lion - 12.0 Miles

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This is an easy walk with a couple of stiles to negotiate. Parts of the route in November were very wet and muddy.

There are three nice pubs on the route; the White Lion at Toft Monks, the Wherry at Geldeston and the Locks Inn also at Geldeston.

    Yards Minutes Total
A) The walk starts at the Beccles town sign at the south end of Ballygate. Head northeast towards the town centre. 580 7 7
B) Go past the church and head north along Saltgate and Northgate. 650 8 15
C) At Bridge Street, turn left and head west across the river. Continue along the main road for 250 yards. 370 5 20
D) Turn right over a stile onto a signed path that goes round the back of the boat yards and caravan site. Work your way round to the river. 250 3 23
E) Head north along the riverside foot path. Go under the Beccles bypass and continue along the riverside path. 1330 17 40
F) The riverside path ends. Cross a stile into the field and keep right skirting the boundary of the house. Use the next stile to leave the field. Turn left, uphill away from the river. 200 3 42
G) At the tee junction, turn left. The path soon bends right and takes you through some farm buildings. I was able to confirm that this was the correct route with a local horse woman. 160 2 44
H) Leave the farm yard and go straight on heading north towards the main road. 300 4 48
I) Just before you reach the road, turn right along a signed horse trail. This runs parallel with the main road and later bears right parallel with the smaller Hollow Way Hill road. 710 9 57
J) Leave the horse trail and turn right along Hollow Way Hill heading east. 390 5 1:02
K) Take the first left turn into Elms Road and head roughly north. 1260 16 1:18
L) Ignore the tight turn and continue north. 150 2 1:19
M) Turn left into Post Office Road and head roughly west. 700 9 1:28
N) Cross the main road and go straight on along Mardle Road. Drop into the pub if you are thirsty. There was draught Adnam's bitter and a roaring log fire. Nice. 200 3 1:31
O) Follow the road as it bears left. This is now Bull's Green Lane. Head southwest into Brick Kiln Lane. 1450 18 1:49
P) After the large farm buildings, turn left and head southwest past the wood. 110 1 1:50
Q) Turn left along the woodland path and head south. The start of this path was wet and muddy in November. 560 7 1:57
R) At the un-made farm track tee junction, turn right and head west. 370 5 2:02
S) About 50 yards before the next patch of woodland, turn left along another un-made farm track. 200 3 2:04
T) Follow the lane as it bends right. 350 4 2:09
U) Cross the tarmac road and go straight on across the field. This had been ploughed and the path was completely invisible. The path goes south (left) of a small patch of woodland and continues due west. 320 4 2:13
V) Cross the waymarked stile and continue west along the right hand field edge. 370 5 2:17
W) Go through the gate and turn left along the farm track which was very muddy in November. Continue along this track towards the farm buildings. 310 4 2:21
X) At the farm, bear right and go between the buildings. There were lots of cows in the barns. The path goes left and right past the farm house and continues southwest, later dropping into the valley. 650 8 2:29
Y) At the tarmac tee junction, turn right and head northwest. Follow this lane all the way to the Norwich main road. 1000 13 2:42
Z) At the main road, go straight across (a right and left staggered junction) and head west for 150 yards along the small tarmac lane. 150 2 2:44
A) Turn left onto the grassy path between two fields heading southwest. Soon the path becomes lined with trees. 600 8 2:51
B) Cross the A143 Bungay road and go straight on along another tree lined path heading southwest. After heavy rain, this path was very wet. 970 12 3:03
C) Turn left onto the tarmac Yarmouth road and head southeast for 250 yards. 250 3 3:06
D) Turn right off the tarmac along a small lane and head southwest. You will pass a row of houses on your right. Ignore the other right turns which lack this row. 160 2 3:08
E) At the end of the lane, turn left along the small path heading southeast. 360 5 3:13
F) Turn right into Station Road and head roughly south. Here you could make a 160 yard diversion to the Wherry. Just go straight on instead of making the right turn. 410 5 3:18
G) Turn left along the lane signposted to the Locks Inn and head south. 560 7 3:25
H) Follow the lane as it bends left. 160 2 3:27
I) Follow the lane as it bends right. 230 3 3:30
J) At the Locks Inn, head towards the river and cross two foot bridges. This pub is not on mains electricity. Real ale by candle light in front of the log burning stove is pleasant. 90 1 3:31
K) Head roughly south across the field keeping right, close to the drainage ditch. 460 6 3:37
L) At the southern end of the field, go through the gate and turn left along the small path. Enter the woodland through a small gate. Leave the woodland through another gate and go left along the left field edge. 330 4 3:41
M) At the field boundary, go through the gate and turn left, heading east, towards a tall stile. Cross the stile and continue east for over a mile ignoring all turns, left or right. 1900 24 4:05
N) Follow the lane as it bends right. 100 1 4:06
O) Follow the lane as it bends left. 550 7 4:13
P) At the main road, turn left and use the grassy roadside footpath all the way back to your starting point. 750 9 4:22