Beccles Walks - North Cove, Ellough, Three Horseshoes - 10.4 Miles

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Apart from one very short stretch, this is an easy walk on rights of way. At Ellough Airfield, the right of way ends. It's possible to follow the runway west to the main road. There are no fences, ditches or barriers. On a moon lit night this is totally safe. During the day, light aircraft use the runway and this route might be better avoided. The pub is a lively village local.

  The walk starts at the junction of Ashman's Road, London Road and Frederick's Road. There is plentiful free parking in this art of town. Distance Minutes Total
A)   Head north towards Beccles town centre. 0.5 Miles 11 11
B) Head for the church and head north towards Beccles quay. 0.4 Miles 9 20
C) At the quay, bear right and head east to cross the footbridge. After the bridge, double back heading west past the moored boats. When you reach the river, bear right and head north and east. 460 Yds 5 25
D) The river path goes under the Beccles bypass. Follow the riverside path for just over an hour. Ignore the right turn at the disused railway bridge pontoons. Ignore the right turn along the narrow footpath that follows the avenue of tall trees. 2.8 Miles 65 1:30
E) At the small quay, turn right away from the river and head a little west of south on an unmade road. Cross the railway and continue on the tarmac. 1 Mile 23 1:53
F) Just before the Beccles bypass roundabout, turn left and head southeast on the old Lowestoft road. This is almost traffic free. 0.8 Miles 20 2:13
G) The Three Horseshoes is a lively country pub on a Friday night. At (G) cross the main road and head south on a path that is well signposted but barely visible on the ground. 0.3 Miles 10 2:23
H) There is another footpath sign here but the field and path had been ploughed up. It was easier to follow the field perimeter still going roughly south. If the path is visible, follow it south across the field. 0.5 Miles 10 2:33
I) The official right of way was not visible here so, once again, it was easier to follow the field perimeter, heading south. If Ellough Airfield is in use, you should follow this alternative route before you reach the runway. 0.25 Miles 10 2:43
J) Miss out this waymark because the path has gone under the plough.      
K) Turn left to go along the runway of Ellough Airstrip. There is apparently no right of way but when the airstrip is closed, it's possible to follow the runway west to the main road. There are no fences or ditches. At the main road, continue west until the roundabout. 0.75 Miles 16 2:59
L) At the roundabout, turn left off the road and head southwest along another disused runway. This is a right of way. 160 Yds 4 3:03
M) Turn right and head west parallel with yet another runway. The Beccles Sunday market is held here. The path is screened from the runway by an earth bank. The path is north of this bank. When the runway ends, cross the field heading west as before. 780 Yds 10 3:13
N) After the runway and field, cross Church Road and continue straight on heading west along an unmade country lane which merges with a tarmac road. Bear slightly right here. After a very short stretch on the tarmac, turn left off the road southwest and almost immediately right to head west again. This bridleway is signposted. 0.75 Miles 16 3:29
O) Bear left and follow the path southwest through a tree lined tunnel. 400 Yds 7 3:36
P) At the tee junction, turn right and head northwest along a tree lined path. There are two places where there is a kink in the route and you have to turn left and immediately right. Continue roughly north towards Beccles. 0.7 Miles 18 3:54
Q) When you reach the tarmac, go straight on and head north on the Darby Road. 400 Yds 5 3:59
R) Turn left heading south west into Kemp's Lane and cross the railway. 140 Yds 1 4:00
S) After the bridge, bear right and continue north along Kemp's Lane. 500 Yds 6 4:06
T) At the Butcher's Arms, head north towards Beccles town centre on the A145, London Road back to your starting point. 270 Yds 3 4:09