Beccles Walks - Locks Inn via Ringsfield - 7.3 Miles

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This walk has at least one stile which is high and requires some agility. Otherwise it is easy. Some stretches are a little overgrown with nettles. For a few hundred yards you walk in a dry stream bed. It's likely that this gets very wet and slippery after heavy rains. Most of the walk is on unmade farm tracks but there are about 2.5km on quiet tarmac lanes carrying agricultural traffic.

     Distance   Minutes  Total
A)   The walk starts where the houses end at the south end of Ringsfield road by the school playing fields. Head out of town towards Ringsfield. When the road bends left / south, head straight ahead along the signed bridleway where the trees make a leafy tunnel. 0.6 12 12
B) Before you reach the farm buildings, turn left heading southwest along the field edge. The path is signposted. Alternatively take the slightly longer but easier path straight on, turning left and heading south after 170 yards. Follow the field edges, dropping into the bottom of the valley. 400 Yds 3 15
C) Cross the stream and turn left heading south west. The two routes re-join here and the path is west of the stream. 400 Yds 6 21
D) Turn left onto the tarmac road and go south for 150 yards. Ignore the footpath on your right. 150 Yds 2 23
E) Turn right off this road onto a track where only the first hundred yards are surfaced. Head south west. 0.9 Miles 18 41
F) At the next tarmac road (Hall Road), turn left and head south. The road swings slowly round to the right until you are heading roughly west. Here it is Banter's Lane. 0.69 Miles 12 53
G) At the tee junction, turn right and head north along Chapel Road. Ignore the left turn into Mill Lane. Go straight on, along Clarke's Lane. 0.84 Miles 14 1:07
H) After the second set of largish overhead power lines, look for Boundary Farm. At the farm entrance, turn left off the tarmac road, almost doubling back on yourself. The path is signposted and initially heads south west. Within the first 150 yards, the track bends gradually right and eventually heads slightly east of north after skirting the farmyard perimeter. 0.6 Miles 14 1:21
I) The path turns left and heads northwest into the bottom of the valley. 70 Yds 1 1:22
J) In the valley bottom, turn right and head northeast beside the stream bed. Later the path is right in the stream bed so this walk might not be ideal after wet weather. This path was slightly overgrown but the nettle growths had been trampled down. 0.5 Miles 14 1:36
K) Cross the main road and head north on a narrow tarmac lane. 0.4 Miles 6 1:42
L) Bear right to head east at the pumping station. 120 Yds 2 1:44
M) If you want to visit the Locks Inn, turn left to go north following the track along the field edge to the right of the drainage ditch. Otherwise go straight on and pick up the trail at (O). 460 Yds 7 1:51
N) Cross the bridges to get to the Locks Inn at Geldeston.
After the pub, return on this same path to get back to Beccles. Turn left at (M).
100 Yds 1 1:52
O) Go through the small gate into the wood and head slightly uphill, through another gate where you go left along the field edge. 370 Yds 5 1:57
P) At the field boundary, turn left at the gate and head east over a tall stile that might be difficult for anyone not too agile. Continue east ignoring all turns left or right. The path soon becomes an un-surfaced road. 1.1 Miles 28 2:25
Q) The road bends right and soon left again. Stay on the farm track heading roughly east as it converges with the main road. 0.35 Miles 8 2:33
R) Turn left to head east on the small track beside the main road for 300 yards. 300 Yds 4 2:37
S) Turn right and head south up a narrow signposted path to Hangman's lane. 666 Yds 10 2:47
T) The walk ends at the south end of Hangman's lane by the school playing fields.