Beccles Walks - Spexhall, Huntsman and Hounds - 12.2 Miles

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This is an easy route, well signposted, through delightful countryside. The pub at Spexhall was not a success. The previous pub manager was leaving and there was uncertainty when, or even if, the new one would take over (September 2008). Meanwhile there was no food and a very limited choice of beer. This is a fine old pub with a long tradition and it would be a real pity if it shut down. The walk takes about 5 hours (there and back). I took longer because I stopped to pick blackberries for jelly and to sample the beer. Remember: always have emergency food supplies. Update: The pub is still open and now serving food (October 2008).

A)   From Beccles town centre head south on the London road (A145). Distance Minutes Total
B) Continue south on the London road. 250 Yds 3 3
C) At the Butchers Arms, turn left off London road and go south along Kemp's Lane. 560 Yds 5 8
D) Do a zigzag over the railway bridge and then turn right and head south along Darby Road. 470 Yds 7 15
E) At the end of the tarmac, bear right and head southwest into Wash Lane. 380 Yds 4 19
F) Cross the main road and the railway and turn left to go west along the continuing Wash Lane. When the lane veers left into the farm buildings, continue straight on along the footpath. 600 Yds 11 30
G) Bear left when your path meets another and head south. 320 Yds 4 34
H) At the tarmac lane, turn right and head southwest along Cromwell Road. Where the next Y junction bears right, you should go straight on, still on Cromwell Road which is usually nice and quiet. You soon reach the Horseshoes inn. 0.7 Miles 14 48
I) After the pub you reach Ringsfield Corner. Turn left in the village centre and head south along Redisham Road. 400 Yds 5 53
J) On the right you will see a path signposted. Turn onto this and head south. This looks like a well kept garden. The path is marked by a row of posts without a wire. Nice. At first the path runs parallel with the road, just behind the hedge. The well kept garden path leads into a small wood and south west across a field. 200 Yds 2 55
K) After the wood and field, bear right / west on a small path which leads to a tiny stream where a heron was fishing. Cross the footbridge. 170 Yds 6 1:01
L) When you emerge into the field, bear right and head west along the field edge. The path follows the stream and bends gradually round to the south. 0.6 Miles 12 1:13
M) Go through a gate and turn right onto a tarmac road. Head a little west of south past some farm buildings. Later the path goes through some nice woodland. You are still following the stream heading roughly south west. 0.8 Miles 23 1:36
N) Follow the field edge roughly southwest. Here the right of way has been altered to avoid crossing the field diagonally. The new route is easier and shorter. Make sure you are going south west because there are several alternative routes near here. 800 Yds 10 1:46
O) There is a kink in the path where the fields join. Continue southwest. 610 Yds 8 1:54
P) Turn right and head north on the tarmac road. 140 Yds 2 1:56
Q) Turn left and head south west through a wood. The path goes through a wood and bypasses a farmyard where there are lots of (probably friendly) dogs. 380 Yds 6 2:02
R) At the end of the wood, bear left and head just east of south. 100 Yds 1 2:03
S) Turn right and head south west along the field edge, keeping south of the drainage ditch. The path swings round to the left / south. 0.6 Miles 13 2:16
T) At the tarmac, turn right and head southwest. 240 Yds 3 2:19
U) Turn left and head south along the main road. There is a pedestrian path. There is a widely ignored 30mph speed limit and occasional police speed traps. 360 Yds 2 2:21
V) Reach the Huntsman and Hounds and the final destination. From here retrace your steps back to point (G).      
G) Where the original route bears right, turn left and head north on a small path which soon becomes a country lane. This joins the tarmac Ringsfield Road. Continue north. 0.8 Miles 15  
X) Head east onto South road. The water tower is a good landmark. 0.4 Miles 8  
B) The logged route finishes at the end of South Road.      
A) Return to Beccles town centre.