Beccles Walks - The Horseshoes - 6 Miles

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This is an easy circular walk just under six miles but there are two stiles at the railway crossing. Only 100 yards is on a main road without a pavement. Outside Beccles, the route is on quiet lanes or paths. The Horseshoes pub is a small un-modernised gem with real ale, a traditional menu and tasty looking meals coming from the kitchen. It only lacks the cardboard cut-out Babycham girl. Recommended!

A)   From Beccles town centre, head southwest along Ballygate to the Beccles town sign. Distance Minutes Total
B/Y) At the town sign, turn left and head east along St Mary's Road. 170 Yds 2 2
C) At the war memorial, turn right and head southeast along Priory Road. This road has not been surfaced. 340 Yds 5 7
D) At the end of Priory Road, turn left for 40 yards and then right onto the main London road (A145). There is a useful pedestrian crossing here. Later the road is harder to cross. Head south for 260 yards. 260 Yds 2 9
E) At the Butchers Arms, go left off London road and keep south along Kemp's Lane. 480 Yds 8 17
F) Do a zigzag over the railway bridge and then turn right and head south along Darby Road. 540 Yds 6 23
G) At the end of the tarmac, bear slightly left onto the signed path. Don't go down Wash Lane by mistake. Head a little east of south along this leafy lane which soon turns into a hedge lined path. 560 Yds 7 30
H) The path goes left. Don't cross the small railway sleeper bridge leading right. After about 40 yards turn right. Cross the larger railway sleeper bridge and continue a little east of south parallel with the industrial estate fence. 300 Yds 7 37
I) Turn right and head west, staying close to the industrial estate fence. 480 Yds 6 43
J) At the main road turn left. 100 Yds 1 44
K) After about 100 yards on the main road, turn right and head south east. Go past the garden centre where there is a café. Continue past some sheds on your left. At the end of the farm road, the path goes straight on. To the right is a house and garden. To the left, there are greenhouses and farm buildings. 540 Yds 7 48
L) Use the two stiles to cross the railway and keep heading in the same direction across an open field. 460 Yds 6 54
M) Pass the pond and animal hutches and do a right left zigzag onto the tarmac country lane. Head south west. 170 Yds 2 56
N) The Horseshoes Pub (Food all day. Curry night Wednesday).      
O) Head roughly west towards Ringsfield village. 460 Yds 5 1:01
P) At the cross roads, go straight ahead into School Road, still heading roughly west. 440 Yds 5 1:06
Q) Near the end of the village, turn right and head north on a small, clearly signed, path with a field on your left and hedge on your right. 900 Yds 13 1:19
R) At the first small copse, bear left and head west. The way is signposted. 300 Yds 5 1:24
S) At the next small copse, bear right and head north. The way is signposted. 370 Yds 5 1:29
T) In the valley bottom, cross the stream, turn right and head northeast. 460 Yds 10 1:39
U) When you reach the tarmac, after 130 Yds, make a left turn onto a slightly more major road. After another 150 yards on tarmac, turn right and head northeast onto a signposted farm track. Ignore the footpath signposted to the left. 280 Yds
700 Yds
11 1:50
V) At the next farm buildings, bear slightly right and then turn right heading east. After 170 yards, the path continues to the right (south) of the hedge. 0.6 Miles 16 2:06
W) Just as you reach the tarmac, turn left and head north down Hangman's Lane avoiding the tarmac road. 600 Yds 8 2:14
X) Before you reach the main road, turn right and head east through the Dell following small paths made by dog walkers and children. 500 Yds 11 2:25
Y) At the Beccles town sign, return to your starting point.