Beccles Walks - Cemetery and Horseshoes - 5.2 Miles

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This walk starts through Beccles cemetery and follows a circular route to the Horseshoes pub before returning to the cemetery. There were no stiles or other difficulties.

    Distance  Minutes Total
A) At the south end of Waveney Road, go through the cemetery entrance and head south on the path staying near near the allotments on your right. Towards the middle of the cemetery, the path gets nearer the main road. Keep heading south, getting nearer the main road, without leaving the grounds. 340 4 4
B) At the south end of the cemetery, near the main road, leave the grounds by the small opening in the fence. Turn left towards the main road. 15 0 4
C) Bear right and walk parallel with the main road heading out of town. 50 1 5
D) Cross over and follow the main London Road, turning right to head out of town. 120 2 7
E) Turn left along the signed cycle route. Follow the road round as it bends right. Ignore the first left turn into Will Rede Close. 100 1 8
F) Turn left along the signed cycle and pedestrian route and head east. When you reach Kemp's Lane, go straight on over the railway bridge. 280 4 11
G) At Darby Road, turn right and head south. 400 5 16
H) At the end of Darby Road, bear slightly left along the signposted path and head south. Don't go down Wash Lane by mistake. 550 7 23
I) The path bends left. Ignore the tiny path and railway sleeper bridge to the right. Also ignore the wider path and bridge to the right after 50 yards. 60 1 24
J) Turn right along a path lined with hedgerow bushes on both sides. The turning is about ten yards after a similar turning over a railway sleeper bridge. 610 8 32
K) At the tee junction, turn right and head roughly west. 460 6 37
L) At the main London Road, turn left and head southeast, following the well kept verge. 270 3 41
M) Cross the main road and turn tight onto the signposted lane. After 200 yards, the lane splits. Take the left route because the other ends at a house. 770 10 50
N) The gravel lane changes to grass. Head straight on and then turn right to skirt the field. This path bends round to the left for about 100 yards. 100 1 52
O) Continue along the wide grassy track heading west towards the railway line. 380 5 56
P) Cross the railway and head south west, gradually dropping into the valley bottom. 560 7 1:03
Q) At the car dealership and Redisham Road, turn right and head northwest towards Ringsfield Corner. 650 8 1:11
R) In the village centre, turn right onto Cromwell Road and head roughly east. 460 6 1:17
S) This is the Horseshoes pub. After a suitable pause, continue straight on heading east then northeast. 520 7 1:24
T) Ignore the left turn into Polls Lane. 250 3 1:27
U) Turn left off the tarmac onto the signposted bridleway heading north. 320 4 1:31
V) At the Y junction in the path, go left and continue north. 530 7 1:37
W) The lane joins the tarmac Ringsfield Road. Continue north towards Beccles. 630 8 1:45
X) Follow Ringsfield Road as it bends round to the right at the start of the school playing fields. 200 3 1:48
Y) Turn right into South Road and return to your starting point. 430 5 1:53