Beccles Walks - Bungay Green Dragon - 15.4 Miles

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Outside the urban areas of Beccles and Bungay, this easy walk is mostly on tarmac lanes carrying little traffic. There are several much nicer stretches off tarmac.

The Green Dragon pub sells the local Green Dragon Brewery ales. The price per pint was excellent as was the bitter. When I arrived, I joined a few older men drinking in silence. Later on the pub livened up nicely.

The Horseshoes is a pleasant village free house.

    Distance Minutes Total
A)   Walk north along London Road heading towards Beccles town centre. 30 Yds 0 0
B) Turn left into Ashman's Road and head west. 50 Yds 1 1
C) Turn right into Priory Road. This road has no tarmac surface. Head north west. 340 Yds 4 5
D) Turn left along St Mary's Road. Head west. 150 Yds 2 7
E) At the town sign, go straight ahead (west) on the Bungay Road. 760 Yds 8 15
F) Turn right down the farm access road. After a few yards the surface turns to sand and gravel. You will be heading north west. 590 Yds 6 21
G) Stay on the farm track as it bends right and then left again. After the bends, you will be heading west. Ignore all left and right turns until you reach the tall stile. The track will become less used and finally turns into a field-side footpath. 1.1 Miles 21 42
H) Cross the tall stile and head straight on, still heading west for only 50 yards. 50 Yds 0 42
I) Turn right through the gate and immediately left again. Follow the field edge and continue to head west. 415 Yds 6 48
J) Cross a stile into a tarmac lane. Cross the lane and another stile into yet another field. You are still heading west. 60 Yds 1 49
K) Bear left to go over the stile. The path between the hedges is blocked with vegetation so cross into the next field. Then, as before, head west. The path is soon blocked with a barbed wire fence but it is easy to squeeze through. If you head due west, you may be able to find a shorter path. I headed for a gate and stile on the north (right) edge of the field. 270 Yds 4 53
L) Cross the stile and the bridge over the ditch. Then turn left and head west again. 320 Yds 4 57
M) Stay on the path as it bears left and becomes wide enough for vehicles. 155 Yds 2 59
N) Turn right onto the tarmac lane. Head north west and later west again. 1.1 Miles 21 1:20
O) Ignore the right turn to Ellingham. Continue west and later south west. 1.1 Miles 21 1:41
P) Join the main road and head west into Bungay on the Beccles Road. 470 Yds 5 1:46
Q) Ignore the Y junction and continue on the Beccles Road. 0.6 Miles 11 1:47
R) Bear right into Staithe Road and head towards the churches. 260 Yds 3 1:50
S) Bear right into Trinity Street passing churches on your right and then left. 315 Yds 3 1:53
T) Cross the roundabout into Broad Street and head for the Green Dragon and Green Dragon Brewery ales. 260 Yds 3 1:56
U) Retrace you steps to points (P) and (V) 1.3 Miles 27 2:23
V) I turned right and headed south east on a narrow grassy lane at the road junction. The correct and shorter right of way starts 170 yards further east along the main road. After missing the right path, I had to turn left after the farm buildings to return to the correct way. 170 Yds 2 2:25
W) Turn right off the main road and head south east. Cross the field and head straight on when you reach the tarmac which lasts only 40 yards. 480 Yds 5 2:30
X) Turn off the tarmac road and head south east on a grassy lane between the fields. 370 Yds 5 2:35
Y) You reach a cross roads. Turn right onto the tarmac lane and immediately left onto a narrow tree lined footpath. Head south east. Don't follow the larger field access road which heads more nearly east. This footpath bends gradually right until it is heading south. 850 Yds 11 2:46
Z) At the next tarmac road, turn left and head east. This is Castle Road. 880 Yds 10 2:56
A) Follow the tarmac road when it bends right and heads south after about 200 yards of woodland. This is Manor Farm Road. 0.7 Miles 13 3:09
B) At the tee junction, bear right into Mill Lane and head south east. 380 Yds 4 3:13
C) Turn right off Mill Lane into Great Common Lane. Head south east. 0.9 Miles 17 3:30
D) At the cross roads, go straight on into Ringsfield Road. You are still heading roughly south east. 380 Yds 4 3:34
E) Ignore the right turn into Beck's Lane. Continue south east and then east along Ringsfield Road. Later this becomes School Road. 1.8 Miles 37 4:11
F) Go straight ahead at the village centre cross roads and head for the Horseshoes Inn, roughly east along Cromwell Road. 470 Yds 5 4:16
G) Continue north east along Cromwell Road. 520 Yds 6 4:22
H) Ignore the left turn. Continue north east along Cromwell Road. 250 Yds 3 4:25
I) When the road bends right, turn left and head north on the narrow signed footpath. 320 Yds 4 4:29
J) The path divides. Take the left branch of the Y junction. Continue north. 540 Yds 6 4:35
K) The path joins a tarmac road. Go straight ahead still heading north. 0.5 Miles 9 4:44
L) Turn right into South Road and return to your starting point. 680 Yds 8 4:52