Beccles Walks - Broom Artichoke - 13.5 Miles

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This is an easy walk with one tall stile needing some agility. The Artichoke at Broom serves a fine pint of Adnam's Bitter with many more draught and gravity beers. There was a good food menu. A warm log fire was most welcoming and a there was a pleasing absence of "muzak" and slot machines. The pub was busy. Also on the route is the Locks Inn at Geldeston. This isolated pub has no mains electricity. Live music and real ale by candle light is nice. Many visitors to the Locks Inn come by boat, on foot or by bicycle. There is road access, sometimes flooded, for vehicles with good springs.

    Yards Minutes Total
A)   Head west along South Road, past the water tower and towards the school playing fields. 190 2 2
B) Turn left and head southwest along Ringsfield Road. The playing fields will be on your right. 200 3 5
C) When Ringsfield Road bears left away from the playing fields, go straight ahead along the tree lined footpath. You will be on a level path heading west. Don't go downhill along Hangman's Lane by mistake. 1130 14 19
D) At the farm buildings, turn right and head north along the concrete farm access road. 310 4 23
E) Just before the first house on your left, turn left through a gate onto another path. Head west. 540 7 30
F) At the tarmac lane, turn right and head north. 180 2 32
G) Take the first left turn along Hall Road. 570 7 39
H) Just before the farm buildings, turn right and head north downhill along a tree lined path. This is also a stream bed in wet weather. 320 4 43
I) At the valley bottom, turn right and immediately left. Head northwest along the field edge towards the main road and Barsham village. 250 3 46
J) Cross the main road and go left / west for a few yards. Then turn right away from the main road, heading north between the houses. 280 4 50
K) Turn left along the signed path between two fields. Head roughly west. 390 5 55
L) After crossing one field, turn right along a grassy tree lined path. Head north. 460 6 1:00
M) When you reach the woods, turn left and follow the field edge heading west. 300 4 1:04
N) Soon after crossing the tall stile, turn right through a gate and head northwest along the field edge with the wood on your right. 170 2 1:06
O) Go through a gate into the wood. 120 2 1:08
P) Leave the wood and continue west along the grassy path. 40 1 1:08
Q) Turn right through the gate and head north across the field. The drainage ditch should be on your left. 470 6 1:14
R) Cross the river and head for the pub. After the pub, head north along the pub's access road. 280 4 1:18
S) Follow the road as it bears left (west). 160 2 1:20
T) Follow the road as it bears right (north). 560 7 1:27
U) At the tarmac road, turn left and head west. You will pass some ugly industrial scale farm buildings. 1470 18 1:45
V) Before a second collection of giant silos, turn right and head north with a wood on your left. You will cross the disused railway with a crossing keeper's cottage on your right. 400 5 1:50
W) Follow the lane as it bears left. 410 5 1:55
X) When the tarmac lane bends right, head straight ahead along the field edge footpath. 150 2 1:57
Y) Turn right and head north across the field. This path was well used and clearly visible but might not be just after ploughing. 120 2 1:58
Z) Turn left and follow the field edge skirting the houses. 230 3 2:01
1) At the tarmac Mill Road, turn left and head west. 320 4 2:05
2) At the cross roads, go straight ahead passing the little school on your right. 300 4 2:09
3) At the Y junction, bear right along the cycles-only route. 110 1 2:10
4) Turn left along the cycle and foot path. This is a disused railway path and it runs parallel with the main road. Head southwest. 1160 15 2:25
5) Turn right and cross the main road. Go straight on through the gate and head northwest along the unmade track. 400 5 2:30
6) At the tarmac road, turn left and head southwest. 260 3 2:33
7) After the Artichoke, head southwest along the road. 130 2 2:35
8) Immediately after the road tee junction, turn left along a lane that soon turns into a grassy path. Head southeast. 350 4 2:39
9) Go through the gate and cross the main road. On the far side, go through another gate onto the disused railway path. Turn left and head northeast parallel with the main road. For some unknown reason, very ugly prisoner of war camp style fencing has been used here. 280 4 2:43
5 Rejoin your original path and retrace your steps back to point (Z). 2120 27 3:09
Z Instead of crossing the field, follow the alternative path round the back of some houses. You will head east, north and then east again along Florence Way. 180 2 3:11
10) At the tee junction, turn right and head south. 120 2 3:13
X Follow the tarmac lane as it bears left. Retrace your steps back to point (M). 4420 55 4:08
M Instead of retracing your steps, continue straight ahead going east. Ignore all the left and right turns. 1590 20 4:28
A Follow the lane as it bears right / south. 100 1 4:29
B Follow the lane as it bears left / east. 560 7 4:36
C At the main road turn left and head east along the road-side path. 280 4 4:40
D Soon after the sign to the pilgrim's Way, turn right off the main road along a signed path into the woods. 80 1 4:41
E Take the first path to the left, going up a steep bank. Follow this path parallel with the main road. Keep as close to the houses as possible. 320 4 4:45
F Turn right and head south, soon crossing a grassy area planted with new trees. At the road, head left / east to get onto Ringsfield Road. 160 2 4:47
G Turn right along Ringsfield Road and head for the school. 480 6 4:53
B Turn left into South Road and head east back to your starting point. 190 2 4:55