Beccles Walks - The Marshes and the Bear and Bells - 5.08 Miles

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This is an easy walk apart from the gate that had to be climbed to gain access from the Beccles bypass onto Beccles Common. This was manageable by an overweight fifty-something year old so not too difficult. The route includes farm tracks, the river-side path, a winding path beside a stream and the Beccles common where golf and cattle co-exist. 80% of the route is off tarmac. The walk starts and ends at the Bear and Bells where a fine pint of Adnam's bitter was available. The choice of beer and food looked good!

     Distance   Minutes  Total
A)   From Beccles Bus Station and the Bear and Bells, head west out of the old Market. 50 Yards 1 1
B) Turn right at the sports shop and head north along Northgate until you reach Beccles Quay. 0.4 Miles 6 7
C) At the quay, turn right and head east past the slipway and as far as the footbridge. 50 Yds 1 8
D) Cross the footbridge and turn right continuing east past the row of small moored boats. 160 Yds 2 10
E) Cross the car park, staying close to the waterside and then turn left and head north east towards the Beccles bypass following the signed footpath.
Cross this road with caution and continue north east down some steps. This unmade lane leads to the sailing club. Ignore the turning to the sight soon after the steps.
0.4 Miles 7 17
F) The main track bears left towards the sailing club. For a slightly longer walk, this is a pleasant alternative. However the logged route bears right here and heads a little north of east. Follow this signposted path, zigzagging north and east, all the way to the river. 0.6 Miles 13 30
G) After about 200 yards of woodland, mainly to your left, you reach the river. Make sure you cross the footbridge and climb up the steps to the river bank path and turn right to follow the river. Don't follow the much more conspicuous waymarked farm track back into the fields. Head east for 1.1 miles following the river-side Angles Way. Ignore the right turn where you can see the remains of the old railway crossing. 1.1 Miles 25 55
H) Turn right and follow the small stream, lined with tall trees, using the old winding path. The path is signposted but the line of trees is more a more obvious landmark. This section heads south west but meanders pleasantly beside the stream bed. 0.6 Miles 15 1:10
I) Bear right at the end of the tree lined path. Cross the small footbridge and head north west following the field edge. 0.3 Miles 8 1:18
J) Turn left and head south west along an un-made farm track until you reach the railway crossing. Ignore the right turns. 0.4 Miles 11 1:29
K) Cross the railway and continue on the same farm track until you reach the Beccles bypass main road. 0.1 Miles 4 1:33
L) At the main road, cross over and turn left. Head a few yards east until you reach a gate. Go through or climb over this gate to get onto Beccles Common. After the gate, go left and head south east skirting the edge of the wood. The track soon bends round to the right / south. 0.1 Miles 3 1:36
M) Near the building that may be a pavilion or golf club house, aim for and follow the un-made track heading a little west of south straight across the golf course. 0.2 Miles 4 1:40
N) Before you get to the car park, bear right off the un-made road and head roughly west through impressive iron gates and railings. Follow the avenue of trees. 0.3 Miles 8 1:48
O) Cross the railway again, using the foot bridge at Beccles railway station. Then head west along station road. 0.2 Miles 5 1:53
P) Turn right into Newgate. 100 Yds 1 1:54
Q) Turn left into Manorhouse Lane and head west using the pedestrian route leading away from the supermarket. 50 Yds 1 1:55
R) Turn right into Smallgate and head back to the Bear and Bells and Beccles Bus Station. 100 Yds 1 1:56