Beccles Walks - The Common - 2.3 Miles

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This short walk starts at Beccles railway station. The path follows the perimeter of Beccles Common. Many variations on this walk are possible because you can wander all over the mown areas. There are many paths into and out of the perimeter woods. This is a pleasant place for a walk of any length because you can wander for ages without repeating your tracks.

    Distance  Minutes Total
A) The walk starts at Beccles railway station. Cross the footbridge over the railway. 70 Yds 1 1
B) Head east along the avenue of trees. 150 Yds 2 3
C) Take the first left turn and head north. This path leads round the back of some allotments. 400 Yds 5 8
D) Here there is another railway crossing and access path to the common. Turn right and head east onto the open grassy areas. Follow the perimeter of the common keeping left. 320 Yds 6 14
E) Turn left and go through the woods towards the main road. 250 Yds 4 18
F) Here there is a gate and crude stile giving access to the river walks on the far side of the main road. You would need a little agility to get over this obstacle. However on this common walk, you don't cross the gate. Carry on going round the wood by heading southeast away from the main road. There are many small paths here so just wander east parallel with the main road but not too near it. 0.5 Miles 14 32
G) Here you reach a gate at the northeast tip of the common. Turn right and carry on following the perimeter roughly in a southerly direction. 400 Yds 6 38
H) If you want a slightly longer walk go left down the vehicular track. Otherwise follow the main path towards the more open areas of the common. 70 Yds 1 39
I) At the gates, turn right and follow the faint path, probably made by cattle. You emerge at a house with outbuildings. Now head west on a larger gravel road. This leads to the common car park. 0.4 Miles 10 49
J) At the end of the car park, turn left along Common Lane for only 60 yards. This is the access road for cars. 50 Yds 1 50
K) Go between the bollards and turn right onto the cycle and foot path. 100 Yds 1 51
L) At the avenue of trees, turn left back towards the railway station. 290 Yds 4 55
C) Here you rejoin your outward bound route. Go straight on to the railway crossing bridge. 150 Yds 2 57
B) Cross the railway and return to your starting point at (A). 70 Yds 1 58