Beccles Walks - Barnby Swan - 11.97 Miles

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With the exception of Ellough Airfield, this is an easy walk.

The route is very pleasant and rural although it does not take the prettiest way out of town. You could take the longer but more attractive path via Beccles Quay and along the river.

The Swan Inn is a village pub that specialises in very nice looking seafood. The only non-fish items on the menu were garlic mushrooms and t-bone steak. This pub passes the "Fat German Test". This test was devised while seeking the best place to eat while on holiday on the Mediterranean coast. The busy restaurant, NOT on the main street, full of well rounded people (usually German) is always guaranteed to give excellent food and value.

At Ellough Airfield, you might want to divert along roads if the runway is in use.

    Distance  Minutes Total
A)     Head north along London Road and Hungate towards Beccles town centre.
650 Yds 7 7
B) Cross Exchange Square and go north into Smallgate. Head for the Old Market / Bus Station. 350 Yds 3 10
C) At the bus station, keep right and bear right. Turn left/north from Smallgate into Newgate. After 180 yards, bear right into Pound Road heading north east. Bear right again and head east between the car dealerships. 500 Yds 6 16
D) Turn left and head north along the George Westwood Way. 220 Yds 2 18
E) Turn right and head east across the supermarket car park. Pass close to the shop entrance and continue east across the meadow heading for the Beccles Bypass and railway crossing. 400 Yds 5 23
F) Before the railway crossing, at the layby, look for a tiny track, left off the road, heading north east. Follow this for 100 yards where it joins an un-made farm track also heading north east. Follow this all the way to the river. It is a disused railway. 1 Mile 23 46
G) At the river, turn right and follow the river path / Angles Way all the way to "Six Mile Corner". 2.5 Miles 55 1:41
H) The best landmark for leaving the river path is a tall diamond shaped sign warning of power lines. Soon after this and after a small pumping building, where the river bends left and north, a small path heads right and south away from the river. Head south, following the field edge for about 100 yards where the path bends left. After 30 yards, turn right and head south along a more obvious path. 130 Yds 2 1:43
I) The path south soon runs parallel with woodland and after 500 yards it enters the woods continuing in the same direction. On a moonless night, this is very dark. 500 Yds 7 1:50
J) After 360 yards through the deep dark wood, you cross the railway and reach a tarmac lane where you turn left and head east. 360 Yds 6 1:56
K) Head east along the tarmac for 100 yards and then turn right onto a gravel drive heading south. 100 Yds 1 1:57
L) Follow the gravel drive for 100 yards keeping left to avoid entering the houses. When the drive bends sharply left, continue straight ahead along the right hand field edge still heading a little west of south. Continue as before into a smaller field. 600 Yds 8 2:05
M) Turn left onto a narrow wooded path and head south east into Barnby village. When you reach the road, turn left and follow Mill Lane, heading roughly east. 600 Yds 8 2:13
N) Turn left into Swan Lane and head north east for 450 yards where you reach the pub. The menu specialises in fish dishes and sea food. The pub was busy on a mid-week evening and the food prices looked good. 450 Yds 6 2:19
O) Retrace your steps from the pub, south west along Swan Lane and cross the main road which bypasses Barnby. 500 Yds 7 2:26
P) Turn right onto the small un-made lane that runs parallel with the bypass. It soon veers left away from the main road. Head south west. 900 Yds 14 2:40
Q) The path bends right and you pass a farm on your left. At the tarmac road, turn right and head west for 180 yards. 180 Yds 4 2:44
R) Turn left off the tarmac lane onto a field-side path. Follow the field edge heading south of west. At the next farm buildings, the path joins an un-made lane for about 100 yards. 500 Yds 6 2:50
S) If Ellough air strip is closed, cross the tarmac road and continue east along another field edge. If the runway is likely to be in use, turn left and head south along the tarmac lane. This bypasses the airfield. 550 Yds 8 2:58
T) Turn left and south for 300 yards, following the field edge, until you reach the airfield runway. This is still a right of way. 300 Yds 5 3:03
U) Turn right and follow the runway west. This is not a right of way. After 500 yards, at the end of the runway, turn left and right onto the main Ellough road. Head west. If you bypassed the airfield, this is where the paths re-join. 3/4 Mile 16 3:19
V) At the roundabout, turn left off the main road onto the signed footpath which follows another runway. This is used for the Beccles Sunday Market. Head southwest for 200 yards. 200 Yds 3 3:22
W) Bear right and head due west along yet more runway. You can avoid the concrete by following a parallel path behind an earth embankment. At the end of the runway, continue due west across the field. The track was clearly visible but might not be just after ploughing for example. 800 Yds 10 3:32
X) Cross the tarmac lane and continue west on the signed, un-made route. When you reach the next tarmac road bear slightly right and, after 80 yards of tarmac, turn left onto another signposted path. Head south west. 850 Yds 13 3:45
Y) After leaving the tarmac, the path heads south west and almost immediately bears right and heads west again along the field edge. 400 Yds 6 3:51
Z) Bear left and head south west along a path which makes a tunnel through the trees. Keep an eye open for the next right turn tee junction. 400 Yds 5 3:56
1) Turn right and head north west along another tree lined path. After 350 yards, you can turn left and immediately right to cross the drainage ditch. If you miss this turn, your path runs parallel and there is little difference. 600 Yds 9 4:05
2) Turn left / west for only 50 yards. 50 Yds 1 4:06
3) Turn right / north along the path beside the industrial estate. 550 Yds 8 4:14
4) Continue north along Darby Road. 400 Yds 5 4:19
5) Turn left and head south west at Kemp's Lane. Cross the railway bridge. 150 Yds 2 4:21
6) Bear right and head north, still on Kemp's Lane. 500 Yds 6 4:27
7) Turn right into London Road and continue north back to your starting point. 250 Yds 3 4:30